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My cat is getting spayed on Thursday!

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It's my first time, and I'm slightly worried. Please send vibes for a successful surgery and a fast recovery.

I hope her personality doesn't change. I took Friday off so I could spend the whole weekend with her and provide her with all the love she wants. Does anyone have cats that changed on them after getting spayed?
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Ive had many cats fixed and none of them have ever changed in ways I didn't like! My two boys that were nuetered a couple months back are the same two boys they were before, only missing a few bits n peices! Its the best thing to do for the kitty you love, it will save her miserable time in heat and probably increase her lifespan!!
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Cool. Both my boys are neutered, and they're completely fine... so yeah, I don't see why I'm all of a sudden jittery, hehe.

Should I ask for an e-collar when I pick her up and put it on her to ensure she isn't biting her wound? I mean, an e-collar is good to have around the home anyway, right?
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My Cats didnt change but my Dog became very mean and we had to get rid of her. Toby was the only Dog that did that. The others stayed the same.
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Good luck on surgery, and stop worrying. I have had over 30 cats get spayed/neutered and most of the time they just became more snuggly. The cats seem to take it in stride, (unlike my hubby who can't take them in for the big day lol), and usually recover quickly.
When you bring her home put her in a familiar place that is quiet and warm, her temp will be off from the anesthesia, and don't worry if she sleeps alot or doesn't want to be picked up. She will be sore for a couple of days and I would make sure that her food/water (when it is allowed) is on the floor so she doesn't have to jump. Put her litter nearby as well so she doesn't have to go too far the first couple of days. If she gets a bump on her stitches let your vet know, most of my latest kittens had this and it was a reaction to the material and considered normal, but I always let my vet know in case they wanted to put them on antibiotics. The bump never turned red or separated so they were fine, but it is a common reaction. My cats never licked or bothered their incisions so I had no need for the e-collar, my vet sent one home with the first kitten in case but agreed to take it back if I didn't use it (save money where u can). Most kittens will be back to their usual ways within 3 or 4 days, most humans will feel better when the kittens fur grows back on their tummies. lol
Oh a couple of tricks for keeping her stress down is to put in her carrier her favorite blanket or one of your t-shirts. My vet is great about putting the blanket or t-shirt in her cage so she wakes up to a familiar smell and this greatly reduces their stress level. My vet also clips their nails for me while they are still under so they can't scratch at the incision. Ask your vet about what time your kitten will be out of surgery and give them a call. Most of the time they will give you an update, it makes the waiting easier. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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Thanks Kat. I really appreciate all this information. =)
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Don't be too worried. Complications in spays are pretty it is a common procedure which is well perfected and practiced by vets. Odd's are she will be fine. Try to confine her to a bedroom for a few days to make sure she isin't too active...and don't allow her to get wet until her stitches come out. Some vets use stitches that dissolve or glue which doesn't need to be removed.

Good luck. Sending good vibes your way.
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Chloe is exactly the same as she was before her spay surgery. She was spayed at 5 1/2 months old.

It was hard to keep her inactive afterward. She was trying to jump on everything but was a little clumsy because the anesthesia was wearing off still (I think that was it). She hated the antibiotics we had to give her (what cat wouldn't?).
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Just wanted to say that Kelly is home now, safe and recovering from her surgery. She's still the lovable baby that we know!
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