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My Sister is at another Vet trying to save her Rat

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Here is part of the text I got.
bad_kitty2001: Hes in oxygen. Dr knew right away. Ttyl
mews2much: ok
bad_kitty2001: Yikes
mews2much: expensive
mews2much: what they say
bad_kitty2001: Hes saying can be 1000. Oxygen is like 200 a day.
mews2much: yea
mews2much: so he has to stay
bad_kitty2001: He doesnt like pts
mews2much: good
bad_kitty2001: He said 2 or 3 days maybe blood work xray ...
mews2much: would you want us to take you back to get him
bad_kitty2001: Check for cancers and kidney and liver
mews2much: thats what he needs
bad_kitty2001: Up to you
mews2much: ok
bad_kitty2001: New meds and stuff
mews2much: okbad_kitty2001: Hes getting estimate now. Should i do it. I mean i read others do all the time. Some people who work here have 30 rats. Lots of experience
bad_kitty2001: Plus gas
mews2much: if you think he is worth it
mews2much: if you do it and we take you back
This is a Vet 1.30 Minutes from here.
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Oh no! What was wrong with him that led her to bring him in? What did she end up doing? Any updates?

That he is ok, or that she can make the necessary decision...
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Here is my Sisters post from another Group.
She emailed and called a Vet in Casto Valley but they never called back until yesterday. The lady never told the Vet she called. My Sister could not wait so she called a Vet in Carmicheal and took him there.
Oscar is approaching 2 years old and I noticed he wasn't breathing right. I decided to take him to his regular vet (who I thought was an exotics vet but only has a special interest) and she said try meds or put him down. He has so much energy that I said meds right away! I almost started crying right there. It was a tuesday and she said have a decision about putting him down on thursday. No way!

After a few days, not much improvemen so I took him to a second vet who gave him meds and fluid. Said they would call me the next day, which they didn't. I had been talking to an expert online and knew I had to get an exotics vet. I went online and found one about an hour away and the receptionist said she would tell the dr right away. That was between 10 and 11 so, not hearing anything bye 2, I called one an hour and half away.

We took the long drive up and right away he was put into oxygen. I was able to see him in the little chamber and he looked like he was dreaming. He curled up in a little ball and he hadn't slept like that in weeks so I knew he was feeling better. I feel nervous leaving him there and look at his cage empty, but I know he's in good hands.

I got a call today that he is doing ok. He is really comforable in the oxygen and moves around and eats which is wonderful. I was feeding him babyfood! He was struggling. He didnt fight them when they sedated him for xrays and that means I saved $205 on anesthesia! Thank goodness! He may have pneumonia, but as of now he is feeling a lot better. The cost for the little guy is so much. They quoted $1433.00 but it is a general estimate. I am glad I didn't put him down though. He has so much life left.
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Aw, I'm so glad to hear he's doing better! I hope they find out for sure what is wrong and are able to fix it. Poor little guy, it's good he has such a caring mommy!

Mind if I ask what vet she called in CV? I'd be really interested to know, because that's not impressive that they wouldn't call her back.

Keep us updated on little Oscar!
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He died today. We found out why the vet in Cv didnt call her back. The lady at the desk didnt tell the vet. If you send me a Pm Ican tell you.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry for her... She did everything she could and he was well loved.

Do you know what happened? Was it pneumonia?

RIP Oscar.

for your sister.
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