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Please Help food problem with cats with medical conditions

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Hi there! I have two cats (8 and 9 months old) that I adopted from a shelter. One has feline herpes, and the other has, over the last 3 months, developed a terrible case of milliary dermatitis (we can't figure out what she is reacting to... Have changed her food, no fabric softeners, candles...) Anyway, they are both on medication every day (he is taking L-Lysine for the herpes and she is currently on prednisone).
The problem is that they REFUSE to eat canned food and are not getting their medicine every day. I have tried every good quality and flavor out there (Wellness, natural balance, eagle pack, merrick....). I finally picked up a few Whiskas pouches to see if they will eat that. They LOVE the tuna pouch and eat it up. I hate feeding them that food and am afraid of health problems that could develop from it.
They do eat Wellness Kitten dry formula and love that. Do you think that one pouch, split in two, would be okay to feed them?? Thank you for your help!!
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Thanks so much for adopting these cats. You did the right thing in trying canned. The herpes cat nees nothing special but the cat with allergies most likely has them from the grains in the foods. If you have to feed dry then wellness core or evo would be best. I would however work very hard on switching them to wet food. This link is for hard to transition cats
I would stop ther pred when possible as steriod use can cause diabetes. There are appropiate times to use them but maybe an antihistimine can be used instead for the itching.
Best of luck and I hope you get a lot of love from your special kitties
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WET food will hopefully help...

lysine comes in many forms ... some have luck with a gel that is used like a a hairball gel

you might want to sine you use wellness look at the CORE line.. it is a no grain and has less of the TOP known allergens ...

Do you know how to do a search on here .... you ll find their are many grain free options in wet and dry ...
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Hi again.. I am lucky that my cats drink plenty of water, although I will try again to get them to eat canned food! My girl Sadie's bumps/scabs are quite bad, and I have to give her the prednisone until it clears up a bit. I just don't know how to get it in her!! Mayber instead of the whiskas, she gets a treat of cheese everyday My boy Tanner is responding very well to the L Lysine and has not had a flare up in 2 months. I was thinking of tapering him off of it and seeing if he was still okay...
Thanks for your suggestions. I love them to death, but it is very stressful when you just don't know what to do to help them (I hope that she is allergic to the wheat that she used to eat or an inhalent allergy... If she is allergic to something else, it will be so difficult to diagnose)
Thanks again!
I will also look into the other Wellness formula. I think that it is for all ages isn't it?
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yes CORE is a all life stage
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Ah cheese lovers! You may try sprinkling some parmesean cheese over the canned to get them started. I cannot say that I had too hard a time switching an adopted one over to canned but it took a bit of time. I would have to hand feed him to get him started as I think he just didn't recognise the texture of it.
Best of luck to you
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