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What's your favorite candy bar?

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Just curious- what's everyone's favorite candy bar? I don't eat them often as i watch my sugar intake closely, but i always keep a few around the house in case my blood sugar gets too low from my medicine. I've got a few favorites.

Hershey's Cookies 'n' Cream (probably my very favorite!)
Hershey's with Almonds
Reese Sticks
Skor Bars

What's your favorite?
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Reese whipps are sooooo good. They are new so for those of you that don't know what they are, here
is the website.
Right now I am eating an Eat-more. They are one of my favourites but most of the time the wrapper is all melted to it so I wont buy it. Today when I was at the dollar store buying a drink on my break, I saw they had ones that werent melted so I bought one and it is so good.
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Oh Henry, Eat-More, or Mars , well now I want chocolate
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Anything chocolate. But my favorites are Skor, 3 Muskateers, Reese's, the Lindt balls, and Snickers. Now I really want chocolate
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I have a few..

Hershey w/ almonds
Milky Way
Three Muskateers (the mint ones are good too!)

There's plenty more..
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Thats a tough one! I'll go with Reeses PB Cups....but basically anything with chocolate. Mmmmmmm Got me thinkin about it now, might have to go get one....
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reese's pieces, i like mine with pretzels

and they used to make a reece's pieces ice cream sandwich which was lunch for me many times at work
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Butter Finger! Probably my favorite ever... Followed very closely by Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and 100 Grand.

Mmm... Between this and the dinner tonight thread, now I'm hungry!
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Reese's Peanut Butter cups and Snickers.
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Dove bars with almonds yummy
Reeces Peanut butter cups
And I also love those Chunky bars with the peanuts and raisins
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Chocolate = Milkyway dark
Fruit flavored = Starburst

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Reeses Peanut butter cups and Twix. Yum
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Milky Ways
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You actually want us to pick a favorite!? I just love chocolate in general, but I guess if I'm craving something specific, it'll usually be Snickers.

Other top picks for me would be Heath bars, 3 Musketeers, and Butterfingers!
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I love Hershey's Special Dark, Skor, Heath, and 3 Muskateers!
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SNICKERS!!!!!!!!!! Hands down!!!!

After that...twix, 100 grand or anything involving caramel!!!
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Snickers for me too. Lately, though, I like just plain Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares.
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Big Turks have always been my favorite..
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OMG! This is so not a fair question!

The one I buy the most because I like them so much is "Cadbury Crunchie" It has sponge tofffee in the middle with chocolate outside.

I also love Score Bar!

Chocolate Covered Cerries are to die for!!

Eat More gets bought occasionally because I like the chocolate caramel with the nuts.

I also like:
Crispie Crunch
Peanut Butter Squares
Kit Kat
Aero (regular ones)
Coffee Crisp
Peppermint Patties

And I really love "Icey Squares (or cups), but I can't find them around here anyomore.
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That's like picking your favorite child!

I love Butterfingers, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Caramello....
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I pick heath bars
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Oh i forgot about Butterfingers and Milky Ways! Yum!!! I love those too! And Lindt chocolate and Kit Kats

I guess it is kinda like asking to choose a favorite child
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Kit Kats & Twix
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and reeses PB cups
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Fave: Butterfinger

Followed by Reese's Cups, Milky Way, Snickers and the World's Finest Chocolate w/almonds that the kiddies sell for their schools every year.
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Wow Nikki......do we have to pick just one?! I can't.

3 Musketeers (favorite)

Almond Joy
Hershey Bar (w/ or w/o almonds)

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Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Twix, Reese's PB Cups, any Cadbury chocolate with almonds etc. Dove dark chocolate, I used to LOVE the Marathon bar, but it's not available here anymore
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I'm not a huge fan of chocolate (yeah, I know) but I do enjoy Hershey with almonds and their cookie 'n' cream bars. Skor, Snickers and Eat-More are good too.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
And I really love "Icey Squares (or cups), but I can't find them around here anyomore.
If this is what your talking about, they sell them at Zellers around Christmas.
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What are these mysterious Eat-More bars everyone keeps refering to? Is it a Canadian thing? I've never seen them before! I'm interested
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