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Cat has high ALTs and may have liver problems plus IBD

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My 11 year Ricky may have a liver problem plus IBD. He has a long history of IBD related problems and was even hospitalized last fall for chronic dehydration and throwing up. He seems to get really sick at least one a year so I changed his food to Science diet for older cats and he seemed to be fine until a month ago he has a seizure. Just slumped over and looked paralyzed for about 2 minutes. Appeared a little drowsy for awhile but seemed to make a full recovery. I took him to the vet who was skeptical that anything happen....as if I would pay $160 for the visit for nothing ....give me a break. I had his blood tested which showed high ALT level. The vet (still skeptical sounding) said this could be the cause of his seizure. Ok fast forward a month ...after putting him on prescription liver food and having his blood tested again his ALT levels doubled. Even so he's eating find and appears to complete healthy and happy. The vet gave me a prescription for him and wants to retest his levels again in another month. I'm not rich my any means and can't afford constant vet visits and I'm at a loss what to do. Especially when he doesn’t appear sick or hasn't had another seizure. Has anyone else had any experience with something like this? I'm inclined to let things be maybe put him on the prescription and give it one more blood test but he appears ok so I'm torn. I don't want him to suffer and end up really sick. But I've spent more on his healthcare the last 2 years then I have on mine the last 10.
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I am not an expert on liver disease but I o know it can be tottally reversed as liuvers can regenerate. I can help you with the IBD though
You have unfortunately probably been feeding dry foods
You need to either switch to canned foods with no grains or as little as possible or a raw diet where there are no grains at all. If money is a problem, you can feed the gluten free fancy feast. Email me if interested and I will get you the list.
What you also want to do is cut down on the fats

A human grade quality canned food like Merrick or wellness with chicken breast added would be great.
Even better though
Diet plays a huge part in most IBD cats, A novel protein like rabbit,vennison ect with no grains, veggies, fruit, beef or fish may be your best bet
For a raw diet which is the best choice, you can buy something like nature's variety or you can make your own
These sites shows you how
Here is a link about ibd
My info comes from working with diabetic cats worldwide and many of them have other issues including ibd. I am giving you info that works
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