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I am just trying to give some of what I have learned.
Diabetes is not a death sentence, no life span needs to be lost.
A fructosamine is used to confirm diabetes. A blood test by itself does not confirn the disease. Infections and stress can raise numbers to diabetic levels.
Hometesting is the only way to know if it is safe to give insulin as well as giving you the infio you need to treat this disease correctly. Results from tests at home will be alot more accurate then tests at the office as stress can raise the blood glucose well more then 100 points. It's not hard to do.
Just like with a child, a cat should always be tested before insulin is given.
You do not need to feed prescription foods. They hold no value over commercially available canned foods. Lower carbs can reduce insulin needs and many cats can go into remission being fed low carb canned foods.
From what I have seen, a major cause of diabetes in felines is dry foods loaded with carbs. All questions an comments are welcome