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ATTN Rescue League!

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I cannot believe I am even thinking about this Natalie (white cat lover) was so kind as to show me a link of a gorgeous Siamese boy that is leukemia positive and it just so happens that I have an extreme love for Meezers.

Zeus is located in Solon, Iowa, which is just S of Cedar Rapids, N of Iowa City , W of Davenport and E of Des Moines, near I-80. I-80 runs straight across IA, IL, IN and OH (what a happy coincidence ) if there is anyone along that route that would be willing to drive a leg to get Zeus to me, please let me know. I personally am willing to drive as far as where 80 hits I-69 or there-abouts (approx 3 hours)
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He's beautiful Katie! I wish I was in that area
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He's gorgeous, Katie, and even comes with an appropriate name. Count me in to help if need be.
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OMG you're actually considering getting him?

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Awwww, Katie, you are such an angel to be considering this sweet boy. I wish I was closer so that I could help in some way. If there is anything I can do to facilitate this for both you and Zeus, please don't hesitate to let me know.
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Thanks everyone! The place he is in right now looks like an absolute nirvana for special needs kitties, so if this doesn't work out, he'll be safe and happy, but golly is he a gorgeous boy

yeah, you should be sorry, Nat! j/k! I strongly believe everything happens for a reason, and you finding him, him having a greek mythology name, being a Meezer....that's a lot of signs
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I hope someone can help. I am too far away or I would help. If there is something I can do let me know.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
yeah, you should be sorry, Nat!

Oh Katie he's stunning. I hope you get help to get him home with your crew
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I would come help in a hearbeat ,.... but well If I could get there the boyz wouyld not be flying
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Aww! He's a handsome seal point boy! Do you think the rescue would help you... maybe a network of rescues along those highway routes? If you're in NE OH, you are about as close to I-80/90 as I am.
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Contact the shelter and find out if they know of any transport groups that run in that area. I've seen a Topeka group make long distance travel arrangements for hard to place pets, so who knows if this shelter can help you out.

I'm too far south and west to help.
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Bumping this up, just in case anyone who can help hasn't seen it.
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Definately contact them. A friend of mine contacted a Rescue in MO & they brought her a Dog that she was so in love with when they were going to be a part of a rescue effort in Chicago.
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