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Gee Mom, Your Shoes Smell Terrific!!

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Abby loves to sleep in my shoes with her nose buried up in them!! I don't know how this could be comfortable or even smell good!! Hubby and I joke about it. I tell him, she just loves to wear my shoes, too!!

Does any of your cats do this? Show me your pictures, I would love to know that I don't have the only one.
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Larry doesn't do that, but I have to say, I laughed out loud at those pictures! Not just a chuckle.....actually laughed out loud!

That is too cute!!!

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When we first let the 3M's around the house after we brought them home, we quickly found their favorite place to be was our utility room. Why? Because all our shoes were there on the floor, and they think that shoes are the most fun toys in the world! They chew on them like puppies, scratch on them like scratching posts, and occasionally fall asleep on them, too! (But never with their faces inside! ) Finally, it drove hubby crazy, so we moved the shoes onto a shelf. They haven't found them yet...but if I leave my shoes on the floor, there will be a kitten playing with it in no time!
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You guys have cats with foot, or shoe, fetishes!
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Awwwww she's well into it there Rosie loves to sniff and rub her head on shoes, but never sticks her nose in them.
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Well, my girls don't do that (too bad, 'cause that's just toooo cute!), but once, a few years ago, one morning, Buffy decided to go bananas over a pair of sandals.

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Oh that is funny. She must really really love your feet.
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She worships the shoes you walk in! Sweet
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Thanks for the comments, I knew I would get a few laughs out of these pictures. She doesn't chew on them or scratch on them, she just loves to sleep IN them. I think it is too cute!!
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Arwen will only sniff in my shoes once I have taken them off..and then she will stick her nose in the air as though they smelt bad!

And all I think to myself after that is ' Thanks Arwen, Meowmy's feet smell do they?' Funny why she does it, as I have never suffered with it before...I think she is strange!
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Heehee, that is so adorable!
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Must be those catnip scented innersoles.
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