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How did Kitty get it's name???

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I really should waut until tomorrow to post this 'cuz I have to go to work now, and won't be home until 3:30 a.m. but this just came to me and I wanted to ask it now.
How did your cats get their names?
My Cagney got hers because when I first got a kitty, I got her sister Lacey, named because she was part Maine Coon and was a fluff ball. After 2 days Lacey was so lonely I went back and got her sister, who was named Cagney just 'cuz I thought Cagney and Lacey sounded goofy :clown:
Now I have Lily, who is a smaller version of Cagney without the white slash across her nose, Lily is short for Lil' Cagney, but already she's earned MANY nicknames...LilyMunster, LilBelly, LilBit....and so on
So, how about sharing stories on how your babies were named?
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Oreo got his name b/c he is black and white (bet ya'll couln't have guessed). Actually, I'm a dance teacher and couldn't decide on a name, so I let one of my students choose a name. I just got Piglet a few months ago. She was a stray, and really skinny. When I would feed them, she would scarf down her food sooo fast and then stick her head under Oreo's and start eating his. Oreo is really agressive, but he would just sit there and watch her eat all his food! So then we named her Piglet
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I remember since Miss Kitty (aka Kiwi now) was really pettitte and almost snobbish when we got her 11 years ago' we gave her he title "Miss". The first thing I ever called her was "Kitty". Go figure....

I have no clue how we got the other one's names. I remember when Mickey was young, he would catch a LOT of mice. And one day, my 6-year-old neighbor called him "Mickey-mouse-catcher". Somehow, the Mickey part stayed. But I know that before that, he got called Lamar.

And Odie; his name really makes no sense! Think about it, Odie was the DOG'S name in the Garfield cartoons. But we weren't thinking about that when we first named him, I suppose. For some reason I called him "Odelay", and somehow it got shortened to Odie.
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Well Booger got her name due to a small black dot under her nose! Lilly I just named her Lilly! Kind of boring I know!
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Cruella got her name simply because when she was little she had a bad attitude and was a bully.
Lianna was sickly when we got her so I named her after a girl in a book I was reading that was sickly but sweet.
Wylie was named after Wylie Coyote, my husbands idea. He is mischievous but very loving.:goodbad:
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my boyfriend & I met at a Cracker Barrel restaurant, so when I was trying to convince my himto let me get a cat, I said wouldn't it be sweet to have a kitty named Cracker? he thought that was funny & agreed with me. when I surprised him by adopting 2 cats and not one, I jokingly said 'this doesn't mean we have to call the other one barrel does it?' he said yes it did. since i wanted him to feel connected to the cats & like he had a part of naming them, I let him name the other kitty the awful name of Barrel. I feel ridiculous everytime I call her. LOL
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Hullo all...

I have six now....
Tippi was named after a Monty Python Joke....

D.K aka Devil Kitty got that moniker for pulling everything in my closets on hangers off, dumping the trash out, ventilating my leather purses etc

Isis was orphaned at three days old by a pacific hurricane of the same name. The storm came across and drenched her mother's den located below my second story apartment window. I heard the weak high wails of the newborns and went outside at 3 a.m. I found them after 10 minutes or so and resued them from the two inch puddle they were standing in. I presented them to feralmomcat42 who took them all to a safer, drier place - all but Isis. She was mothered by a non-neutered - at the time - D.K. raised on KMR and doesn't socialize well since whe was an "only child".

Hube my tuxtom and his brother Mr. Photogenic and sister Bugface were orphans at 2-4 days old. Hube's name is just that "Who Be you cat?" He hasn't answered yet and until he does he will be Hube. Mr. Photogenic never takes a bad picture. He is the proverbial "poster kitty". Bugface had a very dark face around very dark always dialated eyes. I say had since Bugface died after a long expensive battle with dehydration and pnuemonia.

Sara 6 Toes, my newbie, came to me already named as Sara. She was an abandonee whom I rescued from a no kill shelter. I added "6-Toes" to her name...guess why!


p.s. Barrel very cute! not your typical cat name!!!
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Napoleon--acted like he was the emperor of the world at the age of 8 wks.

Alexander--also a conqueror/empire maker

Nellie--the name just sounded pretty

Grey--we tried calling him something else, but he was called just "the gray cat" for 16 years by by husband's grandma, and now he doesn't repond to anything else
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Scatter- meezer mix with orange colors scattered through her coat

Kahuna- because he is the older big brother of four and clearly the Big Kahuna in charge or "Special K"

Bacardi- because of her unusual markings on her face, and some of her color match the liquor

Bartee- named after a poster I got him from on another board

Bailey- Bartee brothers, also had a Barnum, but she passed on

Ripley- the Ripster, the terror of my bunch

Dunkin- a$$ tried to drown her by dunking her in a lake when she was 3 weeks old!

Muse- because, although feral, she is the quietest feral I ever met

Cleo- manx, name just fits him

Stryker- also a manx, as a kitten he loved to strike out with his paws and capture flies

Karma- because although I think I have found her a good place to go, she always come back

Callie- a muted calico

Shredder- he loves to shred things with his paws

Kabota, aka: tractor butt- huge feral kitty when I got him, and named after a popular brand of tractor

Funny face- feral, comes and goes, she does have another home now, but shows up here from time to time- half of her face is white, the other black

Maya- named after a princess, which she certainly thinks she is

Black Pause- latest feral dumped here, tuxedo kitty, keep catching him, but he keeps escaping

I have more, but it is late and I am beat. Been trying to trap all day with little results
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Satey is short for Satan. Since he was a black cat in my cousin's cat's litter, they started calling him "Little Satan" (how original ) When I got him home, I waited for him to rename himself or for a new name to just come to me, but Satan just stuck. Over time it got shortened to Satey since he was so sweet (yeah, right).
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These stories are great!
I've had several other cats, some with common names...others more suited to their personalities.

We had 2 from the same litter, Banshee and Kamikazee, Banshee was an Orange male who could caterwaul like you can't imagine (or maybe you can!) Kami was part Siamese (same mom, different dads?) and used to stand on the arm of the couch. looking at her shadow on the wall, then BAM! Into the wall head first she would leap! Used to almost knock herself out, hence the name Kamikazee!

Keep the stories coming, they're terrific!


p.s. I just got home from work, and thinking about reading these replies kept me from snapping a few necks at the bar tonight
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My hubby named Rocky because he is so tiny and skinny but has the heart of a lion. Gabby got her name because she is so vocal. She is always talking to us.
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Mishmish means apricot in Hebrew. She is sort of orange hued in the light (she's a torbie). The name also sounds like the Hebrew word for silk (and she is very very silky!).

When we got Gezer we were looking for another fruit or vegetable that would be good for a ginger cat. Gezer means carrot...

Our latest addition, the semi-feral Romeo, got his name because he serenades to me under my window and it very loving
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We named our first cat Indy because he is very independent, still is. This is one cat that will always do what HE wants.

I named our new kitty Isis after Egypts ancient goddess:egypt: because she can rule this house all she wants!
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Well, I've got 7 cats so here goes (in order of age):

Mollie Rose was named after my niece Holly Rose. I liked the sound of it.

Casey - no particular reason

Marina Mar - She was born on a boat in a marina to a feral mother, hence Marina. Mar is spanish for "ocean".

Maya Laquita Linn - was rescued from San Juan Airport in Puerto Rico. She was named after the woman who designed the Vietnam Wall. Laquita is because she was from Puerto Rico.

Carly the Curlie Girl - She's an American Curl.

MooShoo - He's a Sphynx with the markings of a dairy cow. May daughter came up with Moo and I came up with Shoo. I loved it!

Finally, Faberge aka "Shorty" - Faberge's show name was Little Mews Faberge. I fostered her for 6 months and she became mine. She is the most beautifully marked calico munchkin I have ever laid eyes on. So my nickname for her is shorty, because she's short like me.
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When we got Muffy, my daughter's favorite TV show was Arthur on PBS. We named Muffy after one of the characters on that show.

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My husband is a fan of this weird band called The Residents. Their two founding members are named Hardy Fox and Homer ?. They never show their faces onstage, but wear giant eyeballs on their heads. Our two boys have vaguely eyeball-like markings on their heads...hence their monikers.
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My Maggie got her name because I was looking for something very girlie. She was so dainty and prissy and her nose actually turns up a bit. Her name fits her perfectly! Her middle name is Jo, same as mine!
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Her middle name is Jo, same as mine!

That's funny Mindi. Lily's middle name is Lynn same as mine.

It took me a little over 2 weeks to name her. I wanted something girlie, and pretty Lily just popped into my head.
Everyone laughs and says her name is deceiving. It sounds so sweet and nice, but she is such a terror!
She comes when I call her, by her name that is. Not Kitty Kitty, that was very important to me.
I read book stating that if you name your cat with letters ending in a y like lily, stormy, maggie... they are more likely to understand the word. Just like the word Kitty in which so many of them come to.
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My lily's full name is LilyBelle (or LilyBelly!:laughing2 ) and she is also starting to respond to her name. I never call Kitty Kitty, partly cecause Cagney comes too then! (I found that out after 1 time, never did it again)

I'm so glad so many of us replied to this thread, its fun hearing all the stories!

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When I found my kitty I had the hardest time thinking of what I thought would actually fit her for a name!! The first name that came to mind was Chloe because I really liked the actress Chloe Sevingy who was on the indie movie "Kids". I never really thought of anything else for her but still wasn't set on "Chloe". My roommate was with me when we captured her and I decided to ask her what would be a cool name for a cat! My cosmic roommate thought for a minute and then came up with the name "Chloe" before I even told her that I had thought of it! It was indeed a very cosmic moment and then I looked down at my kitty and saw a "C" in her stripes on her head and decided that it was for sure what I was going to name her!!
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Just how many kitties do you have???????? You lucky lady!!
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