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HELP.. my cat who is pregnant..

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My cat who is about 9 months old now is about due for her kittens. I am not sure exactly when she was mated since she kept sneaking out for about 2 weeks while she was in heat. She is def. pregnant. can hear and feel the kittens inside her. EXCESSIVE NEED OF ATTENTION, and big belly. *though i am nervous because she isn't as big as some cats get while pregnant, but is still pretty big for her size.* But yesterday she started "cat calling" about the same time as she did today. putting her butt up against my legs and backing up like she is in heat. Last time she was in heat she NEVER EVER DID THAT! had heat symptoms but never backed up on me. Her nipples haven't started producing milk yet but is getting "bubbly" around them like she is about ready to start producing. AGAIN today she started with backing into me, she quit last night and slept with me for a little while, but then got up and she usually sleeps with me all night. She has been going into other rooms and sleeping (usually the kitchen which is not air condishioned).. I need help with what is going on with her and what I should do. This is the first litter of kittens I have delt with and I think im driving my vet crazy, he told me the heat could be a pre labor symptom but why did she have it only for a little while yesterday and then again today. PLEASE HELP!!

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I have never had that happen with a Preg Cats. Are you sure she is Preg? It could be a false pregnancy?
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Yes--I took her to the vet and she is preg. You can even hear them in her belly with a stethescope and when she is spralled out you can see them move. She is still eating and everything, just acting different, my vet said its a pre delivery symptom but why does it only show up every once in a while.
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I have no idea. How far along do they think she is?
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She is about due, but I am wondering if a cat does go through false pregnancy how long does it usually last? She is due anytime up til next week. I think that I might call my vet tomorrow and ask what is up because I have no idea and she is really really small I mean her belly is big for her size and her nipples are getting bigger, but I have no idea she's not acting like she's in heat all the time, but every once in a while she will go around the house and cat call then go lay down and sleep and she always wants to eat!
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Before Coco had her Kittens she ate alot. We would told she would have around July 25th by the Ultrasound. She had Aug 1. My Meeko never even showed at all. I asked the Vet if she was Preg because her nipples got red and he wasnt sure either. Then a week after the Vet I felt her get kicked. Yoshi was born a week after that. Maybe your Cat is having only 1 like Meeko did. Coco had 5 but 2 were dead. She was also huge and I could see her being kicked. False Pregnancys last about 63 days.
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I answered you but it flew off somewhere else.
Her behavior could be due to her hormones being all wacky. She is so young to have a litter but it is very possible.
I would say make sure she is getting adequate food. Feed her extra and see if you can get her in for an Xray. If she has only one big kitten in there they may have to do a C section. An Xray helps you prepare for the approximate number of kittens you will have.
I know it seems overwhelming but you have us and we are here to help.
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ok thanks. she is def. preg. I am about to go out and buy her a bunch of soft cat food and kitten food to mix together but i have to be careful my other cat doesn't eat it it gives her the runs.

Also- just wondering if its normal when one cat is preg. will the other cat get jealous and poop in her box? because my older cat has been doing that and when i go and get her and show it to her she freaks out and runs away. I've been sure to give her lots and lots of extra love and attention but she's the type of cat that doesn't let you give her a lot of attention. She loves the other cat and even goes and helps her clean herself sometimes, but i just wondered if her pooping in her nursing box is because she is jealous.
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I have noticed my cats making more statements lately and that could be one of them.
I think you should separate the mother from the other cat if she is far enough long. It can be stressful for them to deal with another cat. Especially one that is going in her box and maybe eating her food.
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