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Bengal/Persian mix

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If a spotted Bengal bred with a pure white Persian, what do you think the offspring would look like? You dont here of bengals cross-breeding often but could you imagine a spotted longhair cat!
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Depends on what color the white cat is masking...and why on earth would you put a persian to a Bengal? I can just imagine how weird the face would look like!

There are already long hair Bengals but I'm sure Nial would be able to answer the question better.
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I'm not so sure about that... but I looked up long haired Bengals.
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Like has been mentioned there are long haired bengals already.

To get a long haired cat you need both of the parents to carry the gene for long hair. I.e it's a recessive gene so you can get carriers of the long hair gene even in populations of short hair cats. I.e short hair gene + long hair gene = short haired cat.

As for the mix you mention I really don't agree with people randomly putting two different breeds of cats together. There are enough strays around and the pet overpopulation etc. so the only good reason for breeding cats on purpose is to help continue and improve an already existing breed, so the cats need to be top quality registered cats.

Anyway yeah unless the bengal were one of the few bengals out there carrying the long hair gene the kittens would all be short haired. The body and head shape of persians and bengals are very different so there's no knowing what the kittens would look like and you'd probably end up with a random mix of both which means they look like neither.

Also I don't know how well the spotted bengal coat would hold up with a mixed breeding like that so you could very likely end up with normal white or tabby striped short haired cats that don't look purebred at all.
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This may sound really odd from someone who is working with a breed of cat that was produced by breeding an ALC to several different breeds of domestic cats, but I am a purist when it relates to keeping the pelt right. That means short.

I am not a fan of the Cashmere's (long-haired bengals). This breed (bengal) wasn't created to emulate a long-haired spotted wild cat, it was created to replicate the Asian Leopard Cat.

A bengal/persian mix is IMO a horrible pair up. Body and Face structure is so disimilar. I'm not promoting or advocating this, but a Maine Coon would be a much better choice.
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Originally Posted by Kai Bengals View Post

A bengal/persian mix is IMO a horrible pair up. Body and Face structure is so disimilar. I'm not promoting or advocating this, but a Maine Coon would be a much better choice.
I actually wrote the same but decided not to post it! Persian = flat face, small ears, round eyes, very short tail, cobby body. The complete opposite to a Bengal! You'd want an MCO or NFO as a pair up!
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The only reason I said persian is #1 for the long coat and #2 I dont hear of pure white maine coon cats usually.

I really only wanted to know what the heck the 2 combined would look like, being they are so different. I always thought the fur would be long and whitish with spots, like a longhaired dalmation but for a cat.

I dont know about genetics so this must sound stupid, but if you google there are some people with persian/bengal mixes, if the persian was all white is a mystery to me there was no photo.

I saw it on Craigslist so I thought mabye someone had photos.

Spotted Persian, something like what I imaged if they crossed.
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post
Spotted Persian, something like what I imaged if they crossed.
But you don't need to cross any breeds to get a spotted Persian, it's just the spotted tabby pattern.

And MC's do come in white, the most common seems to be the tabbies but they are available in all colours and patterns. Solids, bi-colours etc.
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The gene that causes an all-white persian to be all-white is known as the white-masking or "W" gene. This gene is like a bucket of white paint; if a cat has even one copy, the cat will look completely white. Genetically speaking, the cat could have any other color underneath that "white paint."

There is another gene that would cause a cat to have white, and that is the Seychelles/Piebald or "S" gene. If the cat has one copy of the gene, it could have anything from little white mittens to a tuxedo pattern. If the cat has two copies, it will be anything from a bi-color to a van--where the color is only on the cats head and tail. This gene is completely different from the white masking gene.

A white persian bred to a bengal would make all shorthaired kittens (SH is dominant) and depending on how many copies of the W gene the persian had, either half or all of the litter will be completely white (W is dominant)
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