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Diet Variety???

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Besides processed cat foods (dry and canned), what healthful items can I feed my cat? Eggs--cooked or not? Chicken parts (where to get hormone/ antibiotic-free chicken)? Any fruits? Etc...


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For treats mine occassionally get hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, cooked chicken, beef or pork (the same meat I eat but without seasonings), chick peas & green peas.
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My cats get all the cooked meats now and then, and some of them raw.
They get a very small amount of cheese at times, often because they steal it from us.
You can give them chicken necks, raw egg yolks. There are a bunch of things you can give.
Check out the Raw/BARF diet, basically everything they have in there as a meal, you can give as a healthy snack to a cat on a canned/dry diet.
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steamed green beans chopped up, steamed squash, raw egg yolks no whites though baked potato with butter and plain yogurt and their absolute favorite, smoked oysters and dried fish.
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