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We have 7 indoors and 1 outdoor one we claim plus 3 or 4 more that come around some times.

Peri - black cat she's 9 yrs old
Lauren - grey siamese she's also 9 yrs old
Shatner - flame point siamese he's 4 yrs old
Titus - BIG orange kitty he's also 4 yrs old
Ariel - bi-colour she's 3
Salt - bi-color he's 2 (Ariel's his older sister from the previous litter both are former ferals)
Callie Du - diluted calico she's also 2

then our one outdoor cat is

momma kitty (momma to Ariel and Salt) age unknown but my best guess she's about 4-6 years old

we also have 2 orange cats, a tabby, and the neighbours black cat hangs out every once and awhile.

So lets see that's 12 give or take 8 we claim
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Goodness, I can only handle one at a time. Simba, who used to live with me, now lives with my parents. After I moved away and was on my own for a while, Murray moved in with me, so now he's my one-and-only who lives with me (though I still sort of consider Simba "mine").

After the sad days come when Simba and Murray pass away, I will probably get two cats together so they can keep each other company. But I'm reluctant to introduce a new cat now since Murray and I have bonded so closely, and I wouldn't want Murray to be jealous of the new cat.

By the way, Simba will be 12 next month, and Murray is about 6 - not sure, since he was a stray.
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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
(one of whom we just adopted, after finding out she was pregnant).

That's how I went from 3 to 8!
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I have 4 right now

Culley - Female - black/white persian x - 5yro

Tia - Female - black/white patches persian x - 5yro (Culley's sister)

Darcy - Male - grey/white persian x ragdoll - 10yro

Frazer - Male - black siamese x - 15yro
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Originally Posted by NinaCaliente View Post
I have 5 cats right now
I guess I have to add two more now - with the addition of Adam and Sprout, I now have 7.
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Three cats, soon to be six (or seven? or eight? ).

Shareena 16 months, gray and white DSH
Miss Patchwillow 16 months, black and white DSH
Goldy 9-10 months?--orange tabby

My intention was to have ONE cat. I got Shareena when she was 7-1/2 weeks old. I think the woman who had her started giving the kittens away at six weeks, but I asked her to keep Shareena an extra week because I was going to be on vacation. Six weeks after I got Shareena, the same woman told me she had one kitten left from the litter and was going to have to take her to a shelter because the landlord didn't allow pets. Of course, I couldn't let that happen! So welcome Miss Patchwillow.

Around the middle of June a little orange tabby started hanging around my house, sleeping on the patio at night and under the tomatoes during the day. I thought at the time that she looked about 7-8 months old. She disappeared after 10 days, then reappeared 8 or 9 days later. The second time I brought her into the house (gave her a bath just on general principles) and put a "lost and found" ad in the paper. No response to the ad, and no chip. One of my piano students was interested in taking her, but I wanted to have her checked out first. The vet told me she was healthy--and pregnant . Not really surprising, but the student's mother said NO pregnant cat, so she's all mine. The vet told me that he could feel three kittens, but there could be more hiding in there. I don't know exactly how far along she is, but I'm thinking there will be some new little furballs in another week or two.
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