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Right now I just have 4

Willoughby: 5 year old Manx
Noira: little black shorthair, 5 years old
Da-Ku: big black cat, 4 years old
Kinks: torti, 5 years old or so

Willoughby MIGHT be going to live with my friend. He is very depressed here. He was my boyfriends cat who is moving and Willoughby isn't happy with me. He is a man's cat lol.
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And then there was 1. 1 spoiled rotten Coco kitty in a house of dogs and loving it.
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I just have one kitten, Dexter - a Cream Mink Devon Rex. He's 5 and a half months old.
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Laureen, I like the computer names!
Goldentails- Sugar, Spice, and Splenda! That's clever! And you are right, we shouldn't forget the canines! I have one poochie, my 1.5 year old Bichon Frise, Mimi. She's my baby girl. She just got her teeth cleaned today. She likes the cats, but most of them don't like her. Yoshi tolerates her pretty well, Punky and Max seem to like her a lot, but the rest of the cats give her dirty looks and hisses!
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Mary-female 3 bengal mix
Cleo-male 1 1/2 DSH gray Mackerel tabby
Seldon-male 1 1/2 DSH white with van markings
Saffron-3 months female Russian Blue mix DS?MH
Sachi-3 months female black DMH
Lucia-Saffron and Sachi's mother 2 Tuxedo DSH

Lucia's 8 new 3 day old babies Simon, Theodore, Alvin, Chuck, Stella, Lulu, Angelaki and Lucy

Outside cat:
Giorgio-Van marked male of unknown age
New calico girl that my daughter has named Sarafina
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I have 3 right now

Anastasia, Tawny Ocicat 12 months
Farley, Chocolate Ocicat 15 months
Demetri Chocolate-Silver Ocicat 18 months
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Two indoor kitties :

Kitty- 1.5 yr Manx mix

Holly- 3 mth Ocicat

They are both so full of energy you wouldn't believe there's only two cats rushing about in here! When we move somewhere bigger I hope to get one more Ocicat!
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I have 2 cats. They are the only cats I've had as an adult on my own.

- Matilda ("Mattie"). Persian/DLH, White with a few Grey Patches. Not sure how old exactly but she's at least 1 1/2 years old but could be 2 1/2. She's young. I adopted her on 10/03/07.

- Chloe. DLH (DMH?). Dilute Tortie with White. She'll be 1 year old around August 15th. I adopted her on 11/10/07.

I love my kitties

I think my realistic max is 2, but I could easily be persuaded to have 3 if I had a large house. I will not be adding any cats to the mix in the next 10 years, unless something awful happens and I lose one. Whenever I do get my next kitties, I plan on adopting siblings because I want to have 2 cats that get along, unlike Matilda and Chloe who do not get along at all.
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11 cats - 1 calico, 2 orange tabbies, 1 tortie, 1 white, 5 black and white, 1 white with orange tail and ears. Their names are in my siggy.
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I have three cats, although only one of them belongs to me:

Brandy: Domestic Shorthair, ginger and white in fur colour. He belongs to my parents and will be 4 years old this year.

Shark: Domestic Shorthair, black. She belongs to one of my eldest sisters, and will be 3 later this year (I think..can't remember which year she arrived here )

Arwen: Domestic Shorthair, black and white with tabby stripes on the black area of fur. She is Shark's youngest sibling and runt of the litter. She belongs to me and arrived here a few hours later than her sis (she was a surprise, parents didn't tell me that I was having her until she got here! )
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Arwen's pretty. She looks like my Punky!
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i have 9 indoors
Eeky Mouse, my 11 year old boy, black, had him since he weighed 9oz. my DH
found him at work (railroad)
Little Girl, tuxedo kittie, about 12 years old, former owners where we used to
live moved without her
Goonie, brown tabby, 5 years old, found as kitten
Pixie, white & grey 3year old,another railroad kitten
Gypsy, a 3 year old tortie stray i'd been feeding that i brought home, pregnant
and her 4 kittens, born 2/23/08
BooBoo, black w/medium long hair going into gray around his belly
Sammy, red & white male
Minnie, tortie like mommy
Wolven, a strange looking cat. he's medium long black hair w/white spot on chest and he has 2inch long gray hairs growing out from behind his ears. looks like einstein or grandpa munster
and bridge kittie Picker, white longhair turkish van mix with blue eyes. he was 11 and passed on feb 14th, 05 due to cancer.

and various strays i'm feeding. their numbers change but usually at least 3
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just the one! shes my bestfriend

oreo-black and white female
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Originally Posted by goonie View Post
Wolven, a strange looking cat. he's medium long black hair w/white spot on chest and he has 2inch long gray hairs growing out from behind his ears. looks like einstein or grandpa munster
I'd like to see a pic of Wolven.

My sis had a cat named Maynard, because of his goatee.
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We have 3

Horatio - 3 year Old, Male, Orange & White DSH
Yuki - 2 year Old, Female, Siamese Mix
Max - 1 year Old, Male, Brown & White Tabby

@ The RB from my childhood

Benard - Male, White (Blue Eyed) DLH (Deaf)
Missy - Female B&W 'Tuxedo' SH (littermate to Bro)
Bro - Male B&W 'Tuxedo' SH (littermate to Missy)
Muffin - Female, Grey DLH
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i have 1 dog he is so sweet he is a lab shepperd cross he is black he does the cutest things i will post a picture if i can find 1.
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i have 2 dogs a great dane and a terrier they are my life
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I used to think I was a cat person, but now that I have a dog, I'm a cat and dog person! I like to take my dog places with me, to the dog park or PetSmart, etc. You can't do that with a cat.
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My two precious girlies!

Sierra~13 years young

Serenity~3 years
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I currently have one that lives with me, and 3 that were "family cats" that stayed with my parents when I moved out. So I see them when I visit.

Katina is turning 1 year old on July 23 - she is a DSH tabby. Adopted her 9/23/07 from the SPCA. We also adopted her brother, but he went to the bridge on 6/20/08

At my parents' house, there is Chassis, a 5 year old DSH tuxedo; Caliper, a 4 year old DLH colorful cat (we've been told she's tortie), and Tailpipe, a 1.5 year old siamese mix of sorts. All of them were adopted from vets offices as kittens.

We are getting another kitten after we get back from vacation in August. Rob and I (and Katina!) are "lonely" now that Monte is gone. We were going to wait until our house was finished, but at the rate things are going, that'll be never! So we compromised on August Then we'll have two living with us again.
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*Counts the furry kitty heads around the house*

We got 9 furbabies
Milo~ 7 weeks
Harvey~ 7 weeks
Candy~ 10 weeks
Misty~ 11 months
Teaser~ 1 year
Beau~ 3 years
Gina~ 6 years
George~ 6 years
Willow~ 8 years

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I have 2 cats right now.
Nabu - Blue/Gray DSH, most likely Siamese mix- he's rather exotic looking
Stimpy - Brown Mackeral Tabby DSH

I'm kind of hoping that after we move I could get a 3rd again. It seems so quiet with just 2 cats.
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i currently have two cats of my own, and 3 fosters

Molly - 15yo pure black
Mabel - ?, poss 15yo, pale ginger and white
Zia - 18, long term foster, dark tortie

Moses, 8yo black and white
Clover, 3yo longhaired tortie and white.

All my bridge babes bar one are in my siggy, the one missing is Rosie, she was 15, and went to the bridge 2 weeks ago tomorrow.

The most cats I have had is 10, that was about 3 weeks ago, but that was only for one week. My limit for permanents is 2 (I only take oldies, and invariably get one that costs a fortune!), my comfortable overall limit is 5, but I normally run at 6.
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Two here

Kitty 7-8yrs ginger and white
Maisie 13 yrs approx tortie
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I only have this to say ....

You Don't want to Know!
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For all of you caring for outside strays and ferals, I so hope you're getting them spayed and neutered!

We have six, all former ferals, and we're at our limit:

Lazlo - DSH, grey tabby, 6 years old.
Sheldon - DSH, B&W, 6 years old.
Spooky - DSH, brown/orange tabby, 6 years old. Previously abused.
Tuxedo - DSH, B&W, 6 years old. Has autoimmune disease.
Flowerbelle - DSH, White, deaf, with one eye, doesn't see too well out of the other. 5 years old.
Ming Loy - DSH, Black with small white markings on chest and abdomen, born with cerebral hypoplasia, so handicapped.

Neither of us ever had kitties before, and in the six years that we've been involved with cats we've rescued and fostered or managed to get adopted out straight from the vet's 21 kitties. We also started a no-kill shelter in 2004, which is adopting out over 200 kitties a year. We've TNR'd (Trap-Neuter (or spay)-and Release) 53 cats. ALL kittens of ferals prior to their trap and speuter got adopted out. We even found several people willing to take older ferals! We got three adult ferals adopted out.

Please don't feed a stray in need unless you're going to TNR!

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I have 5.
A Mother cat named Easy, 6 years old ....
and her four kittens Tino, Ducky, Laura and Kiko, 5 years old.

And my RB angel Babygirl

Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
well, here's my opportunity to finally count them

ok, that's 12, that's what I thought
OMG Katie this cracked me up
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I have ten cats right now (more than at any other time), plus who knows how many outdoors strays that we feed (one of whom we just adopted, after finding out she was pregnant).

The list:


My furbies who have crossed over:

Snowflake 1 & 2

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My family and I own two cats right now: Ginger is five or six years old, and apparently a Maine Coon - she's got a light-reddish and white coloring. Truffles is a completely black cat with very faint speckled white hairs in some places, he's about four or five months old and of no particular breed.

Ginger had a brother, Pepper, who we had to put to sleep due to a vaccine-associated sarcoma only a few days after Christmas last year. We were all heartbroken
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Cheeto (orangey I sometimes call him) - 1 year old DMH male
Pixie - 2 year old DSH female

love em both!
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