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Daily Thread Tues July 8th!

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Morn' folks!

Its going to be a hot one today..humid and 30 degrees. My hair is going to be frizzed right out

Staying late tonight at work. Call night..then coming home to do some laundry..etc..Nothing too excited

I started the dreaded swimsuit shopping last night. I tried on every bathing suit in Old Navy with no luck Bleh.

Have a good one folks!
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I'm not up to much today, I'm really knackered after the BBQ last night

Have a good day peeps!
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Today's my fifty-seventh Birthday! Woohoo! We're going on a horse drawn carriage ride, go to a museum, and going to a steak house for my Birthday meal. Cloudy and warm. Better not rain before we get our carriage ride in!
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Happy birthday!!!! Hope the weather holds for your events.

Its overcast currently, temps not to bad but humid with a bit more rain just this morning.
Didn't get as much rain as predicted but any rain is welcome!! At least we have a breeze today.

Deciding to work at a clients today as I'll be wringing wet from the humidity within minutes or to go tomorrow (I'll call them).

Ox's ear is really bad today-blood spots all over the garage-I've wrapped it but I will need to buy more gauze rolls.

No WSJ two days in a row!! I've reported into the website. I think I'm the farthest customer on the person's route-I don't mind it late as long as I get one/day but in the past few months I've gotten skipped one day then two the next.

Have to cut the lettuce in the garden and I saw baby zucchini sunday-better check they may be three feet long by now!!

Have a great day!!
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I am just about to go to work. I've only got a 4 hour shift today so I will be home around 3. One of my fiances friends is coming over tomorrow night, so I have to do some cleaning today.

Its hot out and we are supposed to get thunderstorms and lots of rain. I hope it actually happens because it will cool it down a lot.
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Good morning!

It's hot here today, which I sure love, but for once wish it wasn't so we can get these fires under control. Found out I had a fire near me- really near me, like 5 mins away- yesterday, but the news never mentioned it until today! That would explain why my allergies were so much worse than usual. And I was blaming the X-Pack.

We found Nina Reiser's body last night, that was a big thing. I made a post about it here:

Well, not that we "found" her, he led us to her, but her body is finally going to be able to be put to rest properly, so that is what matters. Suffice it to say, we are all emotionally and physically rather tired! So not sure I'll be doing much today. Probably going to leave work on time and then head home and relax! In other words, sleep.

All the furries are good. We're chinchilla-sitting for a friend, so it's nice to have some company in chin-kingdom. Doesn't make up for missing Nigel, but it's nice to have Jumper over, anyway! The X-Pack is good, they hate it when we just drop in to clean and feed them, they like us to stay for hours! Evie is surprisingly cuddly for how warm it's been. I'm sure enjoying that! And boy, was she in a talkative mood this morning. My silly girl!

Happy Tuesday to you all!
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Morning All!!!

Raining and stormy here this morning. We have had 3 t-storms the worse at about 5 A.M.

Happy B-Day CattyBird hope you have a great day.

I am off work today so that's nice for a change..I have a few errands to run this afternoon but not much else planned.

The kitties all a disgusted with the weather and have went back to be..

Everyone have a good one
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I find this and I want to share with all who devote of this daily thread!

thanks Nat for start it every day!...

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I am going out and about with a friend today, just really not doing much but getting out of the house. I hope he feels up to cutting my hair today. He has fibromyalgia, and has been having some bad days lately.
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Happy Birthday Cattybird!

I need to go through my closet and finally get rid of some of my clothes that I never wear. It's so hard to let go...
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Afternoon Everyone

Not a whole lot going on here today. This morning I followed DH to the motorcycle shop so that his police bike could get serviced. After that we went to Cracker Barrel and had some breakfast- I tried their blueberry pancakes- and omg- they're soooo good! While we were there, Colin said "look, it's the Henco people from tv" - and we saw the people that own this huge furniture store come in They always run their commercial on tv, so it was funny to see them in person. (it's a dad and his daughter) - i don't think the daughter's pictured on the website- but they always do their commercial together. (Yea, that was our excitement for the day We need a life)

Tonight my sister and her family is supposed to come over for dinner. Not sure what i'm going to make yet! Other than that i've just got some cleaning to do around the house.
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Off to the shelter tonight. Dr appt earlier today, they could get me in quick. Molly scratched between my toenail & royally infected. All fixed up now & only 5 days of this anti-biotic. They laughed - they only see me for animal inflicted injuries.
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Today is a 12 shift day for me, which is where I still am. I don't get out until 11:30 pm.
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