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Hissing cat

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Hi all

Harry is now 16 months old. In the past couple of months he has started hissing a lot at us. He only really hisses at me if I try to pick him up when he doesn't want to be picked up, but he hisses at my boyfriend even if he stands near him.

I can't see any reason for this behaviour. He is fed regularly, given affection when he wants it, is never ever in any way mis-treated. Is there any way of making him stop doing this?
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Have you taken him to the vet to see if he's sick? Cats can exhibit odd behavioiur when they aren't feeling well: Hissing, peeing and pooping outside the litter box etc.

If he's deemed healthy by the vet you might want to look at something called "Feliway". I have never used it and I don't know where you get it, but according to many here it's a great stress reliever for animals. It's either a spray or a plugin.

Also, are either of you around other animals? Maybe your kitty is picking up the scent of another animal and thinking it is an invader to his territory.

Oh...is your cat neutered? If not, that could be a problem too.
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He has been to the vet since this behaviour started for a check up and there was nothing wrong with him. He is of course neutered; I would never keep an un-neutered cat!!

He just seems to be a bad tempered little brat. I think we can get feliway over here if prescribed by a vet so I might speak to the vet about it. Getting him there is such an ordeal though that I'll try and avoid it for the time being.

By the way the other thing is, I let him outdoors. Unlike most cats I've had, he wants to spend all his time out there. He comes in for food and goes straight to the door again.
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