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rabbits and cats

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How well do they get along? My 2 older girls stayed with their Nana over the weekend and she bought them a bunny rabbit....she is keeping it at her house for now, but the girls are begging to keep her here...I don't know how my Steve will feel about it, but I was just curious how do you introduce cats and rabbits just incase we do get to bring her here? They named her Cali...I haven't seen her yet, but she sounds so cute though...
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Unless it is a baby bunny, rabbits hold their own with cats. They deliver a mean kick if tormented, but you have to introduce them gradually to each other or you could have a problem. But a baby bunny stands no chance with a cat-
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My neighbor used to have a house bunny that would just come hopping down the hall and into my appartment. My cats never seemed to overly intrested in the bunny. They just watched him mostly.He was a big rabbit, I think the cats may of been afraid of the bunny!
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A guy at my work just got a floppy eared bunny and his kitty thinks it is her kitten. She sleeps with him and cleans him. It is so cute! Max's Mommy
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