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Yes.. another pee'ing issue.. (Long story)

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I did read the sticky, and I've read around here a bit.. But I think my issue is a tad different, and rather difficult..

Jynx turned 18 on May 4th.. In December she was diagnosed with a Heart Murmur. We had brought her in because she kept going into 'seizure' like episodes, coupled with her 'peeing' while seizuring. I have seizures, so I understood that this is just part of it.

The vet gave her some anti-biotics (Clavamox). Jynx promptly refused them, no matter how hard we tried. The episodes seemed to ebb away so we just tossed the rest of the Clavamox. On a return visit, she was dubbed 'stable'. Now.. About a few months or so ago, she had a really bad episode.. We fell alseep as usual, Jynx pressed up against me, softly crying/talking (as she's done for about the last 10 years..). We talked ourselves to sleep, and I woke the next morning sensing something was a little different. I didn't notice, though, she was still sleeping. Got up, went downstairs to get a drink.. By the time I got back upstairs, Jynx was huddled into a ball, crying a very new cry.. There was dark, dark, spots all over my bed. I grabbed some paper towel (I always keep rolls in my room), soaked some up and run off to my Mother.. It was about 8:30am. I usually didn't get up this early, but I had an early shift at work. That early shift saved my baby's life.. We rushed her to our vet, same one that had found the heart murmur.

We got in a few minutes later and they checked her out.. Her crate was ruined, the stench was absolutely horrifying. It took them awhile to get anything from her (urine). The lady vet came back and said her kidneys had failed. We were basically left at the choice of bringing her home to die, or leaving her there to be put down..

We saved a dog from the grip of parvo before, so I didn't believe that she was a lost cause so soon. We took her home, and forced those meds down her. Again, it was Clavamox. At least this time in liquid form. We bought her new bed, new crate, new sheets for the bed, new litterbox, new food & treats.

However.. Ever since then, she no longer urinates in her litter box. Instead, she stands outside of it, sometimes with all paws in, or just one/two/three.. So it's ruined my very expensive rug, and used up who knows how many rolls of paper towel. So I've bought her a second litterbox, placed it in a totally different location.. And so now she pees outside that one, too.

Pardon for the long story, but thought it might help a little?.. Heh.. I'm so lost. I don't think the problem lies with the fact that she's old.. She hasn't had any kidney issues since she was healed. She's my miracle baby, and it just breaks my heart not knowing what to do. She gets mad when she pees outside, I think.. She always looks to me with this pitiful look. I know it isn't pain, though.. gosh, I know that cry better than my own voice.. Something to never be forgotten..

She's in no pain from what I can tell.. She runs around like a kitten, and rarely uses the steps we made for her to get from the floor to the bed. She's like she used to be.. Almost..

Any help.. Anything.. I'd love to hear it..
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Originally Posted by Jynxs Mom View Post
I don't think the problem lies with the fact that she's old..
I suspect it is.
But since you got a lot of new things, is the cat litter also new or is it the same brand you've always used?
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Oh, I feel so bad for you and your baby, but you know sometimes it's not a favor to keep anyone 'going' for our sakes - sometimes it might be a blessing to let them rest and give them peace, plus it allows us to rest ourselves, express our feelings and be able to go on rather than suffer along with the 'old' ones. Please consider what i'm saying - don't forget that animals cannot tell us if something hurts or even just feels strange or uncomfortable. Maybe it's best to accept things rather than putting them off indefinitely until it is a sorry situation for everyone- let them go while they still have their 'self' and not wait til they're reduced to tatters. I have been in that situation many many times over a lot of years, and forcing the issue for 'just one more week' or day doesn't help anyone.
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Try some doggie pads outside of her boxes that will soak up some urine. Also maybe try a lower sided box.
She has been very ill and she may not be able to hold her urine anymore due to her past issues. She may not be able to make it there.
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I know it isn't due to the fact that she's old.. She runs around the house and terrorizes us like she has since she was a baby. Basically, you get a split second to move aside or she'll slam side ways into you for being in the way. Going up and down the stairs like that has never been the easiest feat.

We've used the same litter for years, Tidy Cats Multi-Cats. It's only her, but it seemed like the best option for us. With her new litter box, it's pratically down to the ground. The lip is maybe an inch off the ground? It also sports some new litter product too.. And it's huge. She's a big cat so we always have the buy the XL/Jumbo size. She uses both boxes now.. The new one to pee with, and the old one to defacate in. In.. Like a normal cat.. Just not the other one, lol. I watch her constantly when I'm at home.

When I work, my Mother comes upstairs to check up on her several times daily then tells me of her rampaging the house and screaming at the top of my stairs exactly one hour before I'm supposed to come home. She gets mad if I'm late.. Lol.

I have been considering those training pads, but they are so thin! Granted, I'd change them every time but wouldn't they just leak through anyway?

Gawd, she's so cute. She wanted on the bed, but my blanket fell on part of her stairs.. Being the trooper she is, she began to 'push'/nose the blanket out of her way. I moved it, of course, but it was SO cute!
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Originally Posted by Jynxs Mom View Post
She uses both boxes now.. The new one to pee with, and the old one to defacate in.
Glad to hear all that was needed was a second box. If there are still accidents I would blame it on her age though. She reminds me of my dad. He's in his late 80's, still going strong but sometimes he forgets he needs to use the toilet and then he never reaches it on time.
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Having both boxes hasn't corrected either issue. Though I did just hear her burying her feces in the old box. Like any normal cat would.

I watch her sometimes.. 'Deciding' whether to urinate or not. She'll stand there, or simply sit, looking at it and flicking her tail. It's funny.. She usually just goes to drink more water and take another nap.

Hmm.. Looks I am doomed to buy more little rugs and paper towel..She's so strange, it's hard to tell any more what she's thinking.. (Currently she's moving some bags out of 'her way' to make yet another bed.. Hehe.)
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You know those Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes? Yeah those, get two, cut a place in it so it is easier for her to get in it, and use that as a litter box. If she still has probs getting in ti because of it's height, you could get crafty and find something to make her a ramp out of. I don't have to do this, but I alos don't have elderly cats. I read somewhere that the litter boxes they make arn't really the proper size-too small. Sounds like your little girl has outgrown her LB, or else she has bad aim. (my moms cat has baaaad aim, LOL)

BTW, those puppy pads have a plastic backing.

I hope your little princess will learn to 'do it right' again!
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I had a similar issue with my geriatric cat. Same litter all his life and then he just stopped using it. Tried everything and anything. One day I asked my hubby to grab some litter on the way home and instead of the usual litter we get he bought some scoopable by accident. All of a sudden like he never stopped, my cat started using the litter again. My vet suggested that in his older age maybe the regular litter was bothering his paws and the scoopable felt better. I now use both since I have some that prefer one over the other and haven't had any problems since. I am not saying run out and get scoopable, and that may not be his preference, but try different materials and see if something new sparks his interest. Worth a try.
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