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No More Ginger....

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Im not Happy.... but im not Sad.
So my moms been pressuring me about finding a new home for Ginger... and I wasnt about to give her to just anyone and my mom was getting annoyed cuz I was taking so long. We had a couple people interested but no one fell through.
Finally at work this morning... I cracked! A lady and her son came into the Shelter and was looking for a well behaved small adult dog that was house trained.... the opposite of Ginger. Well we got into talking and I felt this weird feeling to ask he if she was interested in Ginger... its against Shelter Policies and I wouldnt doubt it if I get fired over it but I couldnt help it. So I gave her my Address and my Number and she left the Shelter and went straight to my house to se Ginger.
My mom also had a good feeling when she met the lady and her son... and they adopted Ginger!! Lucky for them, the Vet had came this morning before work to give the Puppies there Rabies Shots(the last of all there shots).. so all they have to do is fix her.
I have a good feeling about this, Ill be getting updates in a couple weeks so we'll have to wait and se how shes doing!
Ginger will be missed a lot though.
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aww Glad she's got a home
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