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Cat kennel??

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Hey everyone...
In September I'm going on a almost 2 week vacation with most of my family and I was debating about whether or not I should leave my cat, Ramses, home alone to be cared for by a cousin who would come every day or so to visit/feed/change litter or should I check him into a cat kennel so he gets the attention he gets with me?? A lot of ppl I talk to, say that he will be fine alone and its crazy to spend money on a kennel. They also say that its just a *cat* and there's no point...But i feel that if I left him alone, he would become too lonely. I've left him alone for weekends at a time and he's been fine(enough food and water of course). But I've always noticed that he is lonely when I get back cause he cuddles more than usual..He's a very friendly cat who likes to be with people(actually just me) and I would hate him to be stuck in a lonely house for such a long time. I know my cousin would make sure his litter is clean and he has food/water, but I doubt she would just chill with him giving him the attention he wants...What should i do??

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He would be much more comfortable staying at home in familiar surroundings where there are no new smells, sounds, people, etc. Cats are very stressed out by change and boarding a cat should be a last resort option. The best thing for your cat would be to have your friend come over and feed it and change the litter every day. You can leave a lot of toys around the house for your cat to find and play with. It will be just fine for 2 weeks. It's not about the $ at all, it's that it would be so much more stressful to be in a kennel/boarding facility than to be able to stay home.

Of course he will be happy to see you when you return There are a lot of toys that are great for self-entertainment. The Turbo Chaser comes to mind but I know I've seen several at the pet store. You could hide mice and catnip all over for it. Maybe your friend can play with it for 5-10 minutes every day with Da Bird?
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If you're willing to spend money on boarding, have you considered a professional pet sitter? A good professional will do whatever you wish--including play time with the cat. Sometimes a friend or relative who is doing you a favor will only provide minimal care--especially if you know people who say, "It's only a cat." It's not "only"--it's a member of your family! I am as concerned with the care of my cat as I would be with the care of my child!

I've used sitters for 18 years, but I will admit that during that time I've had a couple of "lemons"--e.g., although I would stress the importance of scooping the litter box daily, if I came home unexpectedly early (as sometimes happened when I was on business trips), I would find a filthy litter box.

So if you decide to go with a professional sitter, but sure to get references (that's not uncommon because I've frequently had my good sitters use me as a reference for them) to insure that you're getting a good person.

Be sure to leave written instructions and contact information--a good sitter will ask you to do so, so that's something else to look for.
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