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What simple things make you happy?

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Just curious. I was sitting here with a smoothie a minute ago and just realized what a good mood i was in at the moment. I guess sometimes it's the little, simple things that make people the happiest sometimes. What simple things make you happy?

For me it's:

Homemade smoothies & my smoothie maker (i make one almost every day!)

My spoon rest-it makes me happy every time i look at it (i made it with my nephew Cooper about a year ago on his birthday at this pottery studio and ever since it's been one of the most treasured things in my house - i love how colorful and fun it is and it's even more special because he helped me make it)

Playing "Rockband" with my niece and nephews- we have such a blast! (i always hog the drums lol)

When ALL of the furbabies cuddle with us - some nights all of the cats and dogs (and Isabella when she's in the mood lol) climb on the couch with us and we all snuggle and watch a movie- it's so nice!

Taking a shower or a bath with my Lush products- may sound silly- but their soaps/body wash stuff really brightens my day and i love all the scents!

Colin (dh) when he's happy- it makes me happy! He recently got his new police motorcycle (Finally!- they have been w/o since last fall when they stripped and sold their old Harleys at auction for new BMW's - they JUST got their new ones a few weeks ago). I have not seen him this happy in a long time- he get so excited everytime he leaves to go to work. It makes me happy just seeing how much he enjoys what he does.

Looking around online at different websites and picking out things i want to do to set up a nursery when we have a little one down the road. We are planning to try for a kiddo around our anniversary in March - but in the mean time we're going to plan ahead for a nursery/etc so i'm having a blast picking out what we might like to do in the future

My fish tank

My guitar & drums

Ok so i listed off a few things that make me it's everyone else's turn!
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Eating, sleeping, cuddling with Trouty and/or Josh and/or my neices.

Shopping! Listening to music..sunny days
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Spending time with my nieces and nephews

A really, really good laugh (you know, the kind that makes it hard to breathe!)

A perfect kiss

Cuddling with my BF and talking and laughing

My coffee in the morning (otherwise I am a foggy-headed grouch!)

A beautiful day ( we had three in a row here for July 4th weekend)

Seeing something pleasantly unexpected - like a rainbow, or a cool bird or other wild animal (I like it when deer pass through my backyard or I spot a hummingbird at the neighbor's feeder!)

Playing with my shelter kitties

A really delicious meal and if I cooked it, that everyone enjoyed it

Flowers ( see my post on peony photos)

There are lots more, but I don't want to run on...
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Oh, one thing that makes me really happy.... Climbing into my bed when I have fresh clean sheets that have been hanging on the line outside! I love the smell and the feel and the coolness of the sheets. Pure happiness :-)

Game day with my family, playing with my pets, and hiking the trails that are all around here!

And seeing my very old dog's tail wag.... it doesn't wag like it used to.

I love your list. Sometimes it's the simple things that make us the happiest!
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New socks.
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Cuddling with my husband, or watching a movie with him holding hands

Playing with the kitties

My mom's cooking
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Tons of simple things make me happy. Sometimes I think that while life isn't perfect, (often downright painful) being positive and appreciating all those wonderful simple things in life is a great way to start feeling happy regardless of circumstance.
Anyway, here's my list.

Walking and dancing in the rain.
Curling up in bed during a storm and reading a good book.
Cuddling with my animals.
Taking a peaceful walk with my dogs.
Sitting under a tree and reading or drawing.
Photographing nature and animals.
Spending time in a library or bookstore. (What can I say, I love reading, places like that are like Disneyland for me!)
Volunteering at the humane society, though that's not as much of a "simple thing" as the others. I love it, though, even when it's really hard.
Lying on my back outside and looking at the sky.

Ok, I'll stop, I could go on and on.
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1)Snuggling with the maleable Trina Belle. That is more amazing than words can possibly say.

2)Sitting with Toby and getting him to bite his tail. It's too easy and he likes it!

3) Watching the kitties watch "Gerbil TV".

4) A good book, a hot bath, lots of lit candles, and a glass of cheap wine.

5) Waking up snuggled with my SO!
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When any of the cats jump up on the sofa or bed wanting attention (as long as its not 3 am!)
When my only cup of coffee in the morning tastes really good for some reason.
When a plant I bought on a whim turns out really pretty or an unexpected plant combination look great.
Finding a book in the house that I haven't read before.
Finding a good wine and enjoying it while reading that book.
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-watching someone doing origami (weird, I know)
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Originally Posted by Mollysmom View Post
Tons of simple things make me happy. Sometimes I think that while life isn't perfect, (often downright painful) being positive and appreciating all those wonderful simple things in life is a great way to start feeling happy regardless of circumstance.

My list:

A warm, sunny day
My fur-babies being happy (you know, when they look at you with utter content and love )
A safely-contained fire (candles included)
Yummy food!
Cuddling with any one I love!
Being able to help people or animals

What a heart-warming thread!
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My family
Cuddling with my bf and watching movies
yummy food
My sweet babies
A nice day with friends
My job
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My list:

Sitting and talking with my nephews
Cuddling with my boys.
Laughing with my friends.
Making Christmas cookies with my mom. She's 80 yrs old and frail and no one knows
how much longer that will happen.
Rehearsing a show and having the audience appreciate and laugh and cry and
applaud. Thats a deep down sigh of happiness.
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for me it's:

- Dan (my partner)
- my kitty's
- my family
- the sunshine
- my music
- shopping

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The two main things that make me happy are:

-Cuddling with Mitzi (this is a very rare thing)
-Just standing next to Monty and stroking his soft fur and the way he nuzzles me and loves fuss
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Sitting in the conservatory with a magazine and the kitts

Shopping and doing lunch with my best friend Pam

Going for dinner once a month with a bunch of close friends

Catching up with my sister over a large latte in Pret a Manger

Yankee Candle Tarts

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Warm laundry
Cinnamon twist doughnuts
Spending time with John and my animals
Warm sunny days
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My cats
The smell of citrus
Spending time with friends
Reading a good book
Getting a good nights sleep
When I'm finished my workout at the gym
Looking at the scale and seeing a smaller number!
Buy one get one free sales at the grocery store, with the buy one not being an inflated price!
Deodorant that doesn't make my armpits itch!
A clean kitchen
Seeing Chynna eat an adequate amount of food in a day.
No more collection calls!
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The even breathing of all my loves at night
Having my whole house clean
Makng a good meal & having my DH appreciate it
Getting a low blood pressure reading for DH
Smokie giving me head butts
My granddaughter saying "Nana I Love You"
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I love it when my sweetie comes home and says my smile made his day.
A motorcycle ride under the full moon.
When kitties snuggle with me.
A really good cup of coffee when I wake up.
My old pickup truck.
Planning for our big move to Texas.
Listening to my favorite music.
Seeing old friends.
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Aww these are great lists!
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T&K snuggling into me
Getting kisses from FH
looking at furniture and ornaments and simple junk for the house
looking in cookbooks
listening to the kitties purr
coming home to a clean apartment
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Snuggling with Travis
During the winter, curling up under a warm blanket with a cup of cocoa and putting on socks RIGHT out of the dryer
Kisses from Travis
Watching a good movie
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Very small things make me happy. The other day driving up north on the long counrty roads just put me in the best mood. Sitting and chatting with Jodi (crittergirl) doing nothing just made me happy. Watching a crappy old movie (caddy shack!) on the big screen at our little local movie house made me happy! Watching Kitters still finding new spots to hide or play makes me happy. Long warm bubble baths make me happy. I'm easily ammused!
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