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Anyone heard of Peticure?

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I was watching one of those infomercials. Saw one for a Peticure, used for cutting toe nails of dogs and cats. Wondering if anyone here has ever heard of it or has one? In case anyone is interested, the website is
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I've never seen/used one in person.. but it's just a dremel with a safety guard. I'd have to learn more about it to say if it's worth it or not. I would never use it on a cat personally, but I've been considering buying a dremel for my dog.
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Being a newbie on the site I didn't know how to search for a topic and now I see this questions been asked before.

I had ordered this about a month ago and just got it in the mail today. Based on all the other posts, I won't try it on my cat but I'll try it on both my dogs and let you know how it works. My old dog has nails that grow so fast, I can't afford to keep taking her to the vet just to get her nails cut. I hope I can cut her nails with this....

Thanks for your response!
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Let us know how it works. Perky HATES having her nails cut. I can train her up to the point she will let me touch and hold her paws, and even put the trimmers on her claw, but the second I squeeze.. she flips out. So I am hoping a dremel might save me having to pay to have them done.
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Yeah! Let us know! I've seen it on TV and I'm interested!
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So I'm starting to very slowly introduce this new "toy" to my old dog. The noise doesn't seem to bother her at all. Maybe a few more days and I'll try it on a nail or two!

We'll keep you informed!
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Someone at work has one and she loves it. I would never use it on a cat but it works great on her 2 dogs. They HATE having their nails clipped but got use to the Peticure very quickly and don't seem to mind it. I'm seriously considering getting one since one of my dogs has black nails and I'm so paranoid about cutting him. I've drawn blood a couple of times so now I only trim a little off and his nails are long.
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I've not moved very quickly on trying it on my dogs as I've not had time, but I do turn it on and according to the instructions you should give them a cookie when you turn it on, so that's what I've been doing. Hope to actually try it on her nails this weekend. I'm moving very slowly. Sure an glad to hear someone has used it and loves it... that's encouraging :-)
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Finally used the Peticure on my dogs. It worked fairly well. It did smell a little bit and did get hot, so you could only use it for a while at a time. But it did work! My biggest complaint, the sand paper-like ring that actually files the nails can be replaced, and it kept falling so that it did no good.

Both dogs were ok with it, though neither liked it. Compared to normal nail clipping, I think this is slower, but it is easier to do more often. So, it will probably, in the long run, be the better way to go. Especially for me, since I don't like to clip their nails and always have to take them to the vets office to do it!
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Many parrot people keeping large birds with thick claws such as Macaws use a dremmel or similar to keep claws under control, or to deal with regrowth on a beak deformed by injury (under veterinary instruction obviously, it's not the sort of thing you decide to do of your own accord!! Only if there's a problem and under veterinary care)

I can't imagine using such a thing on a cat as their claws do not need such heavy duty filing down, smaller breeds and kittens are fine with human toenail clippers and no domestic cat has claws that can't be trimmed using a small pair of cat/small dog scissor clippers, so I can't imagine that cat people would have much use for such a thing. Large dogs on the other hand if they have great big nails it may well be a useful tool
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