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Need help!!!!

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I have a stray mother cat and her five 8 week old kittens who are pretty wild (not completely feral though). They've had some diarrhea, and today two of the kittens have been vomiting, they have loose stool, and one kitten has been mewing pitifully in the litter tray while having diarrhea, then mewed some more and vomited.

I think taking them away from the mother to go to the vet would be too stressful at this stage.

I gave them wet food this morning - same as they've been having previously, but I also moved them to a bigger cage, and it's quite warm in the room they're in - the afternoon sun makes it hot upstairs where they are. I've had them about 5 days, and they're pretty playful, but I don't know what to do about this. The mewing while being sick worried me

Anyone have any suggestions?
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Its ok to go to the vet with them I that age. I did that with younger kittens that were sick.
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I know that it's such generic advice, but this really sounds like a situation where a vet visit is in order. They are still very young and can go downhill quickly if enough adverse conditions are present. It would be bad enough if it were persistent vomiting or diarrhea. The fact that it is both things makes it that much worse. It is good that you are feeding them canned food, and they are eating it, but frequent vomiting and diarrhea can be so dehydrating.

I honestly wouldn't be nearly as concerned about any negative emotional impact that the vet visit may have as I would be about the physical health of the kittens. I wouldn't think the mother would hold a grudge for very long, if she even holds a grudge at all.
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It's more trying to pull unsocialised kittens out of a cage with an unsocialised mother. The minute I shove my hand in, they're going to go hiding behind her.
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Is there any way to bring the entire cage to the vet, and let him/her and the staff (who may have more experience with a situation like this) pull the kittens out of the cage? Or does that sound like a really bad idea? I honestly don't know; it's simply what immediately popped into my mind when I read your response.
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Yes I thought the same as Robert. Bring the entire cage if you can. These kits need medical attention. It could be food allergies or any myriad of things ranging from easy to fix to something not so good. I don't want to alarm you but I would get to a vet ASAP.
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Ok well, I changed their diet slightly - rather than giving them tinned food, I blended boiled chicken, pumpkin and bene-bac (lactobacillus and that sort of stuff to help an upset kitty tummy), and mixed it with some homemade Pedialyte. Not only did they love it, but after a few hours yesterday their towel had diarrhea and vomit on it, then last night after they had dinner I changed the towel for a soft blanket, and this morning, the only thing on the blanket was bits of litter - nothing gross.

There was some more solid poop in the litter tray, and I haven't seen the little guy who was vomiting the most have diarrhea or vomit since dinner last night. Well, he did once immediately after dinner, then we kept half an eye on them on a webcam for a couple of hours while we watched a movie, and they all played happily - nobody went racing for the litter box.

I gave them more mush for breakfast, and they all gobbled it down. The little guy still didn't have any diarrhea or vomiting. Anotehr kitten had loose stool, but it was definitely thicker than it has been - it's been very watery.

They have one bowl of water, and one bowl of the homemade Pedialyte in their cage now, and I'm going to put up tin foil on their windows so they don't get the hot afternoon sun this afternoon - it's supposed to get up to 99. I'm guessing the heat had a lot to do with their condition yesterday.

The little sick guy was having fun playing with Da Bird this morning, so we opened the cage door and played with them, and he will let me pat him without any fuss. He crouches down, and isn't enjoying it yet, but at least I will be able to get him into a carrier to take him to the vet if needed now.

Definitely making progress
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Glad they're feeling better. I know you have mentioned having quite a few cats/kittens in foster now. Maybe since you don't have the best place for them with proper cooling and all maybe not taking on so many at a time might be easier as well. More attention to fewer is sometimes best. They might just be better off with a family that only has them to keep an eye on (I know you have a few cats of your own as well, and I bet they wouldn't like being slighted at all: revenge from a cat is never a good thing. )
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I've already sent one litter off to another home, so I only have one left now - they literally have nobody else. I tried every rescue group and nobody gt back to me. All the shelters are full, so I can't take them there.

All the kittens are out of the cage playing at the moment (yay!), and once they go back in, I'll put the fan on for them. I haven't had fosters for a while partly for this reason - at least I know these guys are better off here with me than baking in the generator they were living in.
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Sarah, I'm glad the kittens are doing better and bless your heart for opening your home to these strays! They most certainly are better off with you than out in the streets.

Again, I'm glad they seem to be doing better - Good Job!!
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I took a stool sample (2 separate ones actually) to my shelter today which they nicely ran for free for me - it all showed up clear, so no worms which is good. I'm going for a combination of heat and stress.
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Probably. You never know but your quick thinking and diet change most definitely helped. I know how the heat can be for me much less little kittens. The heat could have made it hard for them to digest properly.
I am glad they are better and bless your heart for loving them. It is kitten season and the shelters here are at max too.
I don't mean to be pushy but uhm...PICTURES PLEASE.
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