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Subtle Butt?

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I was surfing the web and came across a product for a "gas neutralizer" called "Subtle Butt". I didn't believe it until I saw it. Check out the video! OMG!
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I loved her hair blowing back. Is this for real?

Edit: is the product real, not her hair blowing back.
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oh my god! that is sooo funny hah she totally passed out
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Just when you think you've seen it all!!! ----- There are no words!!!!!!!!
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Oh my!!! I loved how the one guy did like a sumo wrestler stomp before he let one rip.
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Yes, it's for real. The company is called "Garment Guard" and they manufacture items for undie protection. Have a look through their product. They even have a paste on pair of undies for those clingy outfits

They also have some useful things such as underarm pads that protect your clothing from sweat, and also "erasers" that remove deodorant residue from clothing.

They've even been featured in a number of magazines and a couple TV shows.
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Ooooook then
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Can I get some to put on Jake's butt?
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Wow.. that was funny.
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Did you see the Doctor's name? "Dr. F. Latus"
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I needed a good giggle. Thanks for posting that!
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