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Update on Buttons...

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Well hopefully i'll be seeing thoes babies soon!! She hasnt left my side at all today....i've had to sit on my butt ALL day so far and rub her belly. She kinda goes into a trance, very cute. She's been exploring and digging in everything she can find, visiting her birthing box off and on which she nad no interst in before, pacing and grooming her belly and lower areas quite a bit today. I've been watching for any discharge, but havent noticed anything. I have noticed that her vulva seems a bit pink and swollen, hopefully that is a good sign. she has also been very vocal today, she is usually a very friendly and vocal cat, but even more so today....*fingers crossed that its soon!!*

Vet's prediction was on the 9th for anyone who doesnt know....so good signs coming now!!...let the countdown begin

I am adding a pic I took of her today, this seems to be her favorite position today, on her back..........hopefully next time you see a pic of her there will be nursing kittens in there somewhere lol

First time adding picture in here....so i hope this works...

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hahaha awwwww! Murphy is laying the exact same way RIGHT NOW! She is 62 days today, I sure hope your kits come soon, as I'm sure you feel exactly how I do!!! I am going stir crazy just looking at her and petting her and WAITING!!!!!!! Buttons is a beautiful cat btw. I sure hope next time either of us post pics, it will be of mama WITH kits. =o)
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well sure sounds like there will be plenty of "cuteness warnings" going out between the two of us!! lol ...expecially being as close to delivering as the two of our cats are!!

Well........she just left my side...went upstairs and I can hear her rippin the carpet...........yikes, better go see what she's up to...lol
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Ooooooooooooooh keep us updated!

Yes, plenty of cute will be going on with all these beautiful kittens that have been born around here lately! =o) How many do you think Buttons will be having?
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oh good gawd...LOL...went upstairs...found her trying to dig her way into a locked closet, so i just called her and she came to me and came back downstairs....

Talk about split personalities?!?!?!?! for the past 8 hrs, she's been just lazin around or pacing and now that I brought her down from upstairs she is totally freakin out playing with her little toy mouse, carring it around and running and sliding around on the floor like a kitten herself, I swear this cat is gonna drive me nuts with anticipation....as soon as I mention that it may be close she goes and acts like this..LOL....

Anyone hear of a cat THIS close to giving birth being this active and playful??? Is this normal??? she is being really "twitchy"
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Murphy was that way last night. We are remodeling our living room and have 2 couches.. one flipped over on top of the other.. and she had been digging around in between them. I brought her back in here, and she starts messin around with a string... and a wrapper... and then I was messing around with a straw and she looked like she was on crack! Then she fell over from exhaustion, and now today, has barely left my side, and has been sleeping LITERALLY almost all day. It's crazy. Let's pep talk these girls!
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How many......hmm, well vet said she felt 2 for sure, but i'm gonna guess 3-4......she is large for her size cause she is not a very big cat to begin with so thats why im gonna guess more then 2 but less then 5
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LOL yep playtime is over she has collapsed under the kitchen table ...flat out on her side...haha, love your crack referrence......hit that right on the head!!
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We seriously need to do some cheers or something. I keep saying. "Murph, seriously... July 7th is a great day! 7-7 That's LUCKY!" And she is ignoring me, I think. Here I sit all worked up... constantly on this site, looking at her.... wondering... losing sleep... And there she is... OUT COLD on her side and looking very comfy! I feel like the old mother hen, waiting and waiting... pacing... darnit, I'm only 32!
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LOL......too funny!

Goooooooo Murphy
Goooooooo Buttons
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Any news on Buttons?

Murphy has been meowing alot tonight... in between sleeping. I'm praying that for my sanity, she starts up and gets these kits comin soon! I'm sure you feel much like I do!
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Nope no new news yet...but she just is not herself. If i had to guess i would say that both buttons and murphy are in the early stages of labor? lol......i soo hope so!
I am now on lockdown in my bedroom with her....with my birthing supplies, if needed, my laptop, my book, the camera and all the cords, a jug of water.......and now we wait.....again........lol

Buttons isnt meowing a whole lot more then usual cause she is always vocal, but she is making different noises tonight, her purring is way louder and of course more visits and scratching of the her bed, which again she never wanted to even be within two feet of it before this morning

Maybe the meowing on your end is a great sign for you!!!! I'll be watching for sure and hope that you give some updates this evening if anything happens.....god knows i wont sleep much lol
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Same here. Nothing new.. just alot of sleeping on her end. At least one of us can do that! =o) I do know that she was allowing me, and nudging me to rub her belly, which is an oddity. She normally don't like me rubbing her belly. Gosh, I sure hope we both can have some July 8th babies!
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Lily was very calm after the initial move to the new house episode where I thought for sure she was in labour. However, I must have done a pretty good job in calming her because for the next two days, she just acted as she normally did....laid around on the hardwood, ate, slept, wandered around...But Tues. morning is when she had them. I would guess the next 24-36 hrs for both your mommas
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Me too. I would guess the same. Lucia was laying around a lot. Not as restless as some report. She was slightly more vocal but she was eating less the day before. I want some more TCS kittens to look at.
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Ohh i sooo hope that she has them in the next 24-36 hrs!! Was another long night of her nudging me and scratching around waking me up constantly and no babies *sigh*

My kids are off at grandma's house and i have to pick them up and I'll end up staying the weekend so I sure hope she has them by then!!
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welllll....is it normal that she would shiver like she was cold???? she is still purrring like crazy and laying on her back...im not allowed to quit rubbing her belly...i cant find any info on "shivering"
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Hmmm When I think of a "shivering", it reminds me of contractions maybe, that's the closest similar thing I can think of, don't hold me to it though
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contractions huh...well that would be good lol
If you see the contractions does it affect their whole body or just an effect on her belly?
When she is doing the shivering...its her whole body, laying on her back with her paws up in the air and even her paws are shivering...its not cold in here...lol
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The only shivering I've seen in a cat is low calcium...but she hasn't even had the babies yet and it usually happens a few days after constant nursing. Maybe try giving some kitten milk replacer if you have it??? I don't know what else to suggest. Lily had like quivering skin, almost like fleas or something, but I know she doesn't, but I think it was from the kittens kicking as it has totally stopped since birth.
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Thanks Skewch! She seems to have calmed down here the last hour or so. The shivering has stopped and she is sound asleep. I dont have any of the kitten milk replacer, but I take daddy in tomorrow morning to get neutered and I had planned on picking some up just in case I need it later, so i'll for sure get some!!
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I hope she has tomorrow. It my Sisters Bday. Mine never shivered when they were Preg.
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oh my goodness, this is exciting reading! Hoping both give you some beautiful, healthy babies!

for the soon-to-be kitty families!
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Sending some good vibes your way hoping she has them asap. I know waiting is torturous. I know how you feel about nothing happening, but don't worry it will happen anytime now. I am glad that you are taking good care of your Momma and watching every move LOL. I know I'm a watchdog now over the babies ensuring they are all healthy. Keep up the monitoring and let us know what's going on
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Yes. It can be hard waiting. But once they are here. Oh the joy!
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Anything happening with Buttons yet?! I am anxiously awaiting your news!! =o)
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Well...I just walked in the door from pickin up my kids and *grin* no kittens yet...so i didnt miss it!!! yay!

hubby said she's been acting strange and trying to get into every nook and cranny and whining and meowing quite a bit more here today so I still get to play the waiting game lol
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Sounds like she is heading that way. I confined my Queen to a large bathroom so there was not having kittens in my boots or something. May be time to keep her in a smaller place where her box is.
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At night I take her to bed with me and lock her into into the room where her bed is, and she is never happy about it, lol ....hubby had to deal with her for one night and as soon as I left town she actually gets herself out of the bedroom!!! She lifted the carpet and shoved her paw under the door and pulls and somehow it opens ....must not latch properly but we cant quite figure it out - lol

During the day i let her roam around and I keep a really close eye on her and she never goes too far from me and if she does wander off I usually just call her or follow her and she comes right back. Is that not a good idea to allow her to wander around during the day and should she always be confined to the one area?
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I never confined Lily, and I would have felt bad had I done so. Being that this is a new house for her, I didn't want to add to the stress. She did end up having them in my daughter's walk in closet on new carpet, but Spot Shot is good for that kind of thing LOL I am very glad she had a good delivery and all healthy babies.

She is so comfortable here too, she leaves the kittens to eat or just lay on the hardwood and relax. We keep the door open to the spare room that she's in most of the day now so she can come and go as she pleases. The other cats go in and have a look, but quickly leave LOL

I sure hope your cat has those little ones soon...I'm dying of suspense!
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