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2 different situations.... WWYD?

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Situation #1: There is a tomcat who has been roaming around our neighborhood for some time now. This is not unusual around here - lots of people in our neighborhood seem to think it's okay to let their unfixed cats roam around to breed/fight/spray etc. I suspect this particular cat is truly a stray though, because it went through a period of a couple of months with a severe limp that was apparently never tended to, and I've seen it with untended wounds from fights. This cat will sometimes come around my house yowling at night and I've gone out to try to make friends with him, but the second he sees me he runs away! (Maybe he might even be feral?) A neighbor got a trap from animal control, but hasn't had any luck catching this kitty. He looks okay body weight wise, but I obviously I haven't been able to feel him to know for sure. I've been tempted to put food out for him, but I think that would probably attract every cat in the neighborhood to come spray around my house, and my DH would definitely not be happy about that! Anybody have any other ideas about something that could be done for this kitty?

Situation #2: We have a different neighbor who has several unfixed cats, one female and a couple males. The female had her first litter soon after they moved in a few years ago, and the kittens all got sick with URIs but they could not afford to take them to the vet. We took the smallest, sickest one (my Blue), got her vetted, and told him what the vet said to do for the other kittens. (Obviously we also urged him to spay his cat.) Since then, this female has had approximately 3 more litters, and they say they cannot afford to spay her. Now, these neighbors might be divorcing, and he asked me the other day if I wanted any of his cats.

I was sooooooooooo tempted to take Blue's mommy! She is such a sweet cat, and she deserves to have a break from constant pregnancy and mothering. (I think I am just a bit emotional about it because she is my kitty's mom, too.) However, I had promised my DH when we got my Raggie boys that I would not bring any more cats home. She would also probably cost a fortune at the vet, and need to be quarantined from the rest of my kitties until we got her tested for FeLV/FIV, and obviously need to be spayed. And the bonus: The neighbor said she might possibly be pregnant again.

My DH would kill me if I took this cat. But I want to sooooo bad! WWYD?
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As far as situation #2 goes, you could always keep the mother and have her spayed and keep her outside. She's used to it. Just feed her and keep fresh water out for her. To keep every cat on the block from eating, feed her in the morning and then pick the food up and repeat it late in the afternoon.
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Is there any rescue group that would take her? I know there are oodles of groups in the cities, some are good, some I do not like....but maybe just maybe there's someone to take her.
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I am the worst person to answer this because I just took in a stray Queen who is the Mommy to my two 3 month old kittens and she just had another litter of 8. I am getting her spayed.
If you absolutely can't have her then get her vetted. That is something good you could do for her. During kitten season adult cats sit in their cages. Sad but true. Which is how I ended up with my beautiful tuxie girl.
I would want to keep her. Maybe she could be outdoor in your yard. You could either build an enclosure or get her a little shelter.
Or you could butter your husband up like many others do until he relents.

If you intend to help the Tom get that other cat spayed first. Most likely he has fathered a some of her kittens.
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Bless you for caring for those kitties - I am sending prayers and vibes that others join you in your rescue efforts and all kitties get the homes and care that they deserve so much
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