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Well, today we had to go in for Raymond's last set of kitten shots, and just last night I noticed a bald spot on his elbow. I know there aren't many other things that do this other than ringworm, so I figured I'd ask the vet this morning. The vet thinks it's ringworm too, but has sent in a culture which will be ready in 10 days. In the meantime, Ray is being treated with a topical solution, and Stan and the Abby will be getting baths with a special shampoo.

Does anybody else have experience with this and or advice? Stanley had it for the first 6 months of his life when he was still in the shelter and I remember while working there all of the special things him and his brothers and sisters needed. Any advice would be great :-)
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Check the area in question with a black light, in a dark room. If the area glows, it's positive for fungus, ringworm or not.

If positive:

Lime/Sulpher dip the kitten asap.

Spot treat suspicous areas with Miconazole

You can also spot treat with the lime/sulpher solution on a cotton ball.
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I have used the cream that you can get from the drugstore for athlete's foot and it worked wonderfully after about a week or so.
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How I love ringworm NOT!!! I had to give my 3 babies daily baths with a special shampoo as well as dip them in the sulpher dip. It eventually goes away, but not before it spreads. Make sure you wash your hands well and and use medicated shampoo on yourself and skin. If you can shampoo the carpet in the area you keep the kitten in. If its tile or vinyl then make a bleach solution. It is a long process and you need to keep disinfecting for a couple of weeks. The athletes food cream works great on actual spots on the kittens and is surprisingly gentle for them. Also, after the first 10 days continue to dip once a week for a couple of weeks. Ringworm can come back. Make sure you wear clothes that you are willing to throw out and gloves, (medical gloves work best) and wear safety goggles. Cats and kittens love to wiggle and shake when you dip them (stuff has to stay on for awhile) and sulfur and lime burns badly in your eyes and on some parts of your skin. Good luck.
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I get ringworm really easy. The little kids at school get it & BANG I show up with one. Heck if one of my cats got it....I don't know what would happen to me. When I was little & had one about the size of a silver dollar on my back. My Grandma put iodine on it 2 times per day & it went away. I wanted to go away, it stung so bad. Ahhhhh the fond memories of childhood.
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