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ProMeris Experience.

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Wife and I have three young adult cats who like summering outside. First opening of the back door for the day is greeted with the thumpity thump of cats galloping to escape the confines of the house.

Of course, eventually the cats are going to start scratching regularly.

I had used a wipe a few weeks prior without objection. However this time when each cat saw the wipe they fled.

I went to the vet for Advantage or Frontline, they had Promeris, I figured I would give it a try.

For 1 1/2 to 2 days Promeris seemed to make the flea situation worse. Before treatment the cats were scratching/itching and flea chasing, after treatment the cats were aggressively scratching/itching and chasing. I wondered if I had put flea attractor on the cats. Thankfully after two days the cats scratch only on occasion.

In the past we used Advantage. Mayhaps I wasn't as observent then but it seemed with using Advantage the cats scratched very little after application, almost as though the flees were gone immediately.

Also the cats seemed to be a little "off" for a while after applying Promeris. It took a few MORE days for the cats to relax around us and they really didn't want us to scratch the backs of their necks for a while. That could be from multiple reasons.

What's really odd is all the cats are avoiding the 7' tall carpet covered cat tree. Then never seemed to avoid anything with Advantage.

I wonder what this is telling me.?

Incidental info: The house is all wood floors, the throw carpets are on the porch in the sun and going to be beat and vacuumed, and the house is getting a room by room nook and cranny cleaning. Vacuum and Spray, What Joy. Needed done anyhow. Wife can do the windows (GD&R)
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It's not abnormal for scratching to worsen right after a flea treatment, especially when they have a lot of fleas, as the fleas can go a little crazy before they die. But I've never seen the effect last for more than a couple hours, usually not even that long. It doesn't sound like ProMeris agrees with your kitties.
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Did Advantage work well for you? If it did, you might want to stick with it, since the Promeris seemed to bother your cats so much. You may want to let your vet know about your cats' reaction to it - since it's a relatively new product, he or she would probably appreciate any feedback on how it's working out for the pets they care for.
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I've heard about it before. Here is a link to Snopes. The story is not confirmed, but everything that I've heard has not been good:

I hope they're doing better now and things have returned to normal. If advantage worked for you, then it might be best to continue using that.
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