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Cat is TOO cuddly!!??!!

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Yes, I think it's true!

Our new baby will soon be two and has yet to spend the entire night in our bedroom, sleeping with us. The reason is, every few hours he goes in to 'super snuggler mode'. (SSM) He purrs consistently, snuggles your face, licks mouths and noses...going back and forth non stop from me to my husband. He MUST have his lips next to someone face. The SSM lasts about an hour at a time! Needless to say, it doesn't make for a very restfull nights sleep. We really want him to sleep with us like all our other cats have.

On a side note, he does do this throughout the daytime too, which is fine. And this is in no way related to separation anxiety as I do not work, so I'm home all day, every day.

Any ideas would be appreciated, it breaks my heart to not have him sleep with us.
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Welcome to TheCatSite


Dexter, who will be 8 in a few days, goes into SSM once in the AM and once in the evening.
He will not be denied.
Consider yourself sleepless, but well loved.

Maybe other members will have some useful ideas for you.
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Aw... How sweet is that!

Hmm... My idea for how you can get a good night's sleep is to send that snuggler to me. I don't sleep very well anyway, so what a little extra love?

Really, though, Evie does this with me. Not my husband, just me! She is just over two, and seems to be slowly growing out of it. Either that or it's just too hot and she won't again till the winter. Though, she only does it once in the morning. At, oh, about 3 AM, so it's annoying enough, but at least it's not every few hours!

So, though I obviously don't discourage Evie from her "SSM" (I, too, love that!), my experience is from how my husband got her to only snuggle me.

If you do like I do, allow him to do it and pet him, he will continue. Now, if you do like my husband, he may grow out of it. He may not, so that would lead to a different post!

So what my husband does (did) was just not allow it. We never locked her out of our room. He'd just kind of "swat" at her and roll over. Or snuggle in deep to the pillow / blankets so that she couldn't get to his face. Obviously, he never hit her, just kind of pushed her away from him. Funny thing is, he claims he was asleep as he doesn't remember doing it!

Maybe try that? It will not take effect right away of course, but maybe after a week or few of that, he will just have enough.

Good luck, and remember, he LOVES you!
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My five-year-old male, recently adopted, begins his SSM about midnight or 1, and hourly thereafter! I've tried the routine of pushing him away, but he returns in an hour or so and begins again. By 3 am, he has me fully awake, and after I get up, he finds a nice place to go to sleep! If anyone knows how to "cure" this--short of evicting him from my bedroom, please let me know. He's such a lover and so sensitive that I'd hate to banish him.

By the way, since I'm retired and home all day, I sometimes try to nap to catch up on my sleep, but I have to time my naps to coincide with his because if he comes along and finds me asleep, he quickly settles into SSM and wakes me!
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Hehe, way too cute!

Maybe try buying/making a few new beds? Something simple as an old shirt tossed on the floor.. Part of an old box or blanket. Something else with your 'smell' in it.

True.. Jynx suffers from the SSM, combined with mild "Seperation Anxiety", but she's learned that when I call bedtime, I mean it. Basically all I've had to do was have her cuddle up next to me and curl around her. Sometimes I've had to 'push' her down, gently of course, so that she would lay rather than stand or sit. She got bored enough times that she figured out that there are plenty more 'beds' around the room for her to lounge in. Lost one of my favorite shirts that way.. But I can usually manage a good 5-6 hours of sleep before she tries waking me up. Not 8 hours.. But it's a work in progress! We still cuddle just fine.. But she'll leave me literally soon as I doze off.
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weird both my cats don't like to cuddle at night but tiger wakes me up in the morning at 6 because he doesn't want me sleeping when he's up try using an old shirt or something that smells like you as someone suggested since they will smell your scent and think of you and lie on that instead? or have two pillows or something so your neck is angled up a bit
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