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I hate Feline Pine!

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Feline Pine scoopable tracks sooo bad (it was everywhere!) and is so sticky and icky! I just needed to put that out there so other people won't waste their money on it too. It sticks to the bottom really bad and didn't cover the smell either.

We were using Fresh Step scoopable, and it is awesome in every way...except it's very unhealthy with all that dust and I now have a kitten too.

I'm trying World's Best Cat Litter, and so far so good. It doesn't track out of the box, clumps amazingly well and has no dust!

My only problem is that it seems like you need more of the litter to equal other litters. Every time I scoop the box, the level gets alot lower. Anyone have any tips on how to use this stuff?
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I had the same issue with the FP Scoop. I have white or predominantly white cats & they turned yellow from it.

I've mixed FP Scoop with Swheat & it was fine.
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I love WBCL...
with 2 cats, we use one 17lb bag a month.
They each poo once a day and pee once or twice.
It has worked really well for us.

Good luck
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I agree about Feline Pine clumping.

I would be using World's Best Cat Litter if it were less expensive. I love it. It does track a little bit but not nearly as bad as the other corn-based litters (Nature's Miracle, for example).
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I will agree with you! I hate Feline Pine as well. Our cats didn't like to use it and it made more of a mess than it cleaned up.

I'm still using Fresh Step though, maybe I'll look into the litter you're using.
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I mix my WBCL with a cheaper Pine Crumble litter. Smells good, clumps good.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I had the same issue with the FP Scoop. I have white or predominantly white cats & they turned yellow from it.

I've mixed FP Scoop with Swheat & it was fine.
I haven't used the FP scoop yet. Actually, was thinking about getting it, though.

Currently I, too mix FP with SW - FP on the bottom(as they are heavy & pieces are big), SW on the top/surface. So far, so good
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I use the regular Feline Pine in the pellets and I love it. I have the Feline Pine litterbox that has two heavy trays - one solid one on the bottom, and the upper one has a sort of grate in the bottom. I scoop out their poo twice a day and stir the litter around and the sawdust falls into the bottom box. I empty the sawdust every two to three days. I never smell their urine, it is great!

At first, I sucked at scooping and was spilling litter and sawdust everywhere, but I am getting better. The kitties don't track much litter, but the pellets that do escape the boxes seem to get all over the house, because they like to play with the pellets... At least I know that it is perfectly safe for them to eat the pellets if they feel so inclined!
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FP Scoopable covered the smell really well for me, but the tracking was a nightmare. I stopped using it and started on WBCL last week. The tracking is much less, but personally, I find it does a worse job of covering up the smell. If I don't find anything better, I wouldn't mind sticking to it, though. It clumps well (better than FP Scoopable) and does its job.

I liked Fresh Step and still have two boxes of that stuff, but I found my tiles got quite dirty/black around the litterbox. And I hated the dust, but when it came to covering up the smell and clumping up, it did a fantastic job.
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I guess cat litter is like alot of other things in life... The stuff we just adore (Freshstep scoopable) can't be good for us. Maybe they will make a natural version? Oh well, I gotta do what's good for the kitties, and I'm lucky they accepted the new litter without a transition.
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Never used the clumping kind, but I had to use it when Bella had staples down her back, regular litter would stick to her incision and she would try to get it out, removing staples in the process.

I HATE it. I hate EVERYTHING about it, the smell, the sawdust, the way it smells like urine if you don't change it every day, the way it get EVERYWHERE and since it's such large chunks it's more noticable on the floor than regular little. Why on earth anyone wouls spend that much on that crap is beyond me. It doesn't really smell that piney, we've got pine trees everywhere, and that stuff smelly only remotely like pine. EW. Then when the kitties do thier business and come running to me, they smell sooooo icky! Even with scooping twice a day, and completely changing it every two days (because you HAVE to with this stuff, or it smells like URINE!).

I give it every thumb, finger, toe, and paw DOWN!
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I've never tried the Feline Pine Scoopable by itself.. but I use World's Best Extra Strength and mix in a couple scoops of the FP Scoopable when I change out the box. It's cheap so it stretches out how long I can go before needing more of the more expensive WB, and it helps with the odor.
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I tried all of the natural ones and none worked. My cats pee a lot and they don't hold up or clump enough. When I just had Mary FP and WB was fine but when I became a family of 3 it was not working well enough.
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