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pregnant kitty question

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I have a momma kitty that's about to pop. Does anybody know about how soon kittens will be born once you can visibly see them kicking? I know that it's something like the last few weeks that the mother cat gets really big, but how soon do they start moving and kicking?
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The kicking kittens don't really tell you much. Most of the time, you can see them kicking and moving lots even 2 to 3 weeks before they are due.
The only way to tell for sure, is to know when she mated, and then watch for basic signs like being restless, sleeping alot, breathing heavy, not eating as much, and then you can see her start contractions.
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Thank you, at least now I have an idea!
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Momma cat doing? Any kittens yet???
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Amber finnaly had her kittens at 4:20am last night! Two are white, two are grey and they're all girls except for one of the grey ones. The other grey one is the runt and I'm kindof worried about her. The momma cat is fine, but she is wild and get up and spits at me whenever I try to go in to observe them. I'm torn between wanting to go in and make sure that the runt is nursing OK, and not wanting to upset the momma cat or even have her accidentally hurt the kittens. I'm going to set up my video camera and tape them for a while and see how everything is going. One of the white females(I think It's a girl) is HUGE, twice as big as the next largest! And to think that they came out of such a small cat! Besides the runt, everyone is doing fine. Does anybody know how much the momma should be eating and drinking right now?
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You should be feeding mom about 5 times a day not huge amounts but not small either. It won't hurt her to gradually switch her to kitten food (dry) she could use the extra boost. You can also make up some kitten glop and start feeding that to her, warm it up in the microwave first, for just 4 seconds (if it is chilled she probably won't eat it)

1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin
1 12 oz can goat's milk
3 tablespoons plain yogurt
3 teaspoons clear karo syrup
3 tablespoons mayonnaise
1 egg (optional)

Boil water, mix in gelatin. Add other ingredients and mix with beater or blender. Serve warm or chilled.
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