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Vibes and prayers for my mom

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My mom had knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago and it went with out any initial complications. She was out of the hospital in 3 or 4 days(I can't remember) but they gave her WAY to much pain medication. She would sleep 20 hours a day and was hallucinating. Because of all the sleep she wasn't able to do the rehab that she was supposed to do and to much scar tissue built up on the new knee. There is a 90% chance that she will be going back into the hospital to have the scar tissue manipulated off of the knee(VERY painful) but they won't have to go back in(at least I don't think they will) but she will have to be put back under so she doesn't have to deal with the pain. The doctor is on vacation all this week which means she is stuck with a stiff knee that is going to get worse until he gets back into the office to evaluate her. There is still a 10% chance that she can rehab it enough to not have to go under again and get the stuff broken off but with not getting seen this week her chances of avoiding this are pretty slim. Vibes are needed that this can either be avoided or at least happen in a timely fashion.
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awww the poor woman :vi bes: that she doesn't need to go back and get another operation and if she does that she doesn't have to wait to long in pain
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Well I hope the best decision is made for her knee whether it be surgery or not.
I have a large build up of scar tissue from my big toe surgery years ago and its not something I would have anyone to deal with. My option is not a pleasant one. Hopefully the pain meds situation would be worked out better this time too.
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Your "meowmy" is in my prayers....
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More healing on the way!
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healing vibes, pain relief vibes
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healing vibes on the way
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It seems like an awful lot of doctors are too heavyhanded with the medications. My mom hallucinated for a couple of days after knee surgery, too -- but instead of realizing that they were overmedicating her, they assumed she had psychiatric problems and gave her thorazine, of all things! She went through absolute hell on that stuff -- she was aware that her mind wasn't working right, but she couldn't speak clearly enough to keep them from giving her yet another shot every three or four hours.

Finally, she was able to communicate to me what was happening, and I took over. I made direct threats against everyone on that floor of the hospital, including the doctor. He ridiculed my concerns, and when that didn't deter me, he tried intimidation... but I stood my ground, and I finally elicited his promise to give Mom nothing but Tylenol without my prior approval. Made him note it on the chart, too.

I'm normally pretty shy, but by golly, you mess with my mom, you reap the wrath of Carol!

Anyway, they all insisted that Mom would be begging for more painkillers within an hour, but she wasn't, and she never took anything for it after that except regular, over-the-counter Tylenol. She was so relieved to have her mind in working order!

Sometimes doctors and nurses seem to assume that everybody's exactly the same and all patients are perfectly predictable, but it's just not that simple. I'm so sorry your mom went through that! When she goes back, I hope the doctor will be a little more cautious in how he handles the pain issue.
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Thanks everyone for the vibes. She is doing better but they are pretty sure she will have to go back and get the scar tissue broken up. She says when she bends it she feels like she is squeezing a ball in a catchers mitt or at least that kind of pressure in the knee. The physical trainer is coming 5 times a week now for the last 2 weeks and says my mom is making progress but apparently not enough to not have excess scar tissue.

Despite all this my mom is doing great mentally. She is in very high spirits and even has quit smoking. She was a 1-2 pack a day smoker and she hasn't had one since surgery which is amazing for her. I think part of this is because she used to have to smoke out side and its hard for her to get around so I think that has something to do with it but i don't want to take credit away from her.

Just thought I would give a brief update.
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