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healthy wet food for finicky, overweight cat?

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Hi! Georgia is approx. 4 years old, and she's been overweight basically since we adopted her. She is on a vet prescribed diet of very limited dry Wellness healthy weight, but she's still putting on 1/2 a pound a year (about 13.5 right now.) We tried her on the Core type food, but she just ballooned right up! She's totally normal in every other way-- completely indoors, but pretty active. Vet says Georgia's totally healthy otherwise, but now, the vet has recommended that we add wet food into her diet. One problem: she hates it. HATES it. She won't even eat tuna or tuna juice. She's even picky about treats-- it's Kitty Kaviar or it's nothing. Getting her to eat the Wellness was problem enough. Can anyone recommend a healthy, low fat, tasty wet food that might whet her appetite? Thank you so much for all you help in advance!
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meow mix pouches and cups are low fat ,...

did the vet do blood work??
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no, she said there was no need, b/c Georgia is always active and alert and seems to have no other issues. she says this just happens sometimes.
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
meow mix pouches and cups are low fat ,...
I was just going to suggest those. My picky guy LOVES the Meow Mix pouches. Also, try sprinkling the Kitty Kaviar on top. Nabu won't eat his wet food without something sprinkled on top.

Are you feeding Wellness canned? My cats aren't huge fans, and only like 1 flavor of Wellness once in a while.

My sister was feeding her cats Wellness Healthy Weight dry(Indoor formula for quite some time before the Healthy Weight). She said her big guy gained on it. About a month or 2 ago she switched to Iams Healthy Naturals (my cats are doing well on it) and she saw her cats' coats improve. She hasn't said if her big guy has lost weight, but he hasn't gained either. So maybe a different dry food would work better for your cat? Sharky usually has good recommendations.

I know my big guy hasn't gained since switching to a moderate calorie/fat dry food (but not "diet" food). Stimpy lost weight between February and when we took him for a check for a lump this spring. But my cats eat a lot more wet food too.
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It would be better to feed an all wet diet but as you can see, some cats are very stubborn when it come to making the switch. Alot of dry foods use an animal fat coating which can make the stuff very addicting. This is a link on trying to switch dry food addicts to wet

One of the main reasons weight is gained from dry foods is because of the carbohyrate loads. Cat being carnivores can have trouble processing them. Canned foods no gravy would be great and no grains would be best. Wellness merrick are a few of the top quality no grain canned foods out there.
Another option may be a raw food diet. Try a piece of raw chicken to see if your cat willo go for it. Want links fort making let me know! best of luck
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Wt control often = HIGH CARB load or high grain level ...

If weight was gained on both a wt control and a no grain ... you have a bigger issue and blood work would be a good idea ...

Yes if possible wet is a easy option for wt control... more moisture = less calories in same ozs
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