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Upset Kitty?

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My cat Lilith is usually a very good kitty but for the last few days she has not been very good. I was gone off and on during the holidays and I'm not sure if that is why she is upset or the fact that she is usually allowed to go outside and the weather has been too cold and she has to stay inside. She has been an inside cat before and I never had any problems with her. Now she is using the tub as her litter box even though her litter box is clean. What can I do?
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Oh boy, yes changes upset cats, but one of the most classic signs of a urinary infection are urinating in the tub. I really would get her to the vet!! If the vet sais she's okay then it is just going to take some time for her to get over being mad. But please don't wait because it may get worse and she may not be able to wait to get to the tub. Let us know how its going!!
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After you rule out any medical causes, you might want to keep your bathroom door closed for a while, to prevent her from returning to the scene of the crime

By the way, was her litter box cleaned every day while you were away? Some cats just won't go in a dirty litter box and find their alternatives (for some reason, the bathroom seems to be particularly attractive...)
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