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Zebra wants outside

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I hope this is the right place to post this.

Yesterday we were outside doing some yard work and I heard Zebra start meowing. I looked around for her and she was sitting under a chair outside. I never let my cats outside, especially not Zebra because last time she came outside she went crazy and scratched me really bad.

We figured out she got out through a hole in the screen door (which was there all last year too and she never even went near it) and we replaced the screen in the door yesterday. Now she keeps sitting at the door and meowing like she wants to go outside. I am afraid she is going to try and sneak out now.

Is there any way to keep her inside? I don't want her to get out.
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Hennessy does that too. He doesn't actually want outside (he runs back in if he gets out...) he just hates the closed door.

Maybe a hiss or squirt with water to dissuade Zebra from begging at the door?
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Fix the door?
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Originally Posted by Larke View Post
Fix the door?
I did yesterday but I am afraid that she will try to sneak out when the door is open now.
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All you really can do is be vigilant when going in and out to be aware of where the cat is.

My husband insisted on letting Bijou outside against my wishes. Well last week Bijou ended up with an abscess from getting into a fight with something - now $677.00 lighter in the wallet, my hubby has finally agreed to keep him inside. Bijou cries and wants to go out, he runs to the door whenever someone comes in or out. We are just going to have to be aware of this and ensure he doesn't get out. It's a pain but that's all we can do.
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Zebra will give up after awhile. My cat goes out for about an hour in the morning and an hour before nightfall. She wants out after dark but that is a big NO NO. She yowls for a couple of times and then gives up. (Actually, lately she's stopped that too because I think she knows it doesn't do any good.) She isn't too upset and will come into the bedroom (I go to bed to read) and sit by me until I fall asleep or my husband comes to bed.
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