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Air-tight dry food containers

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I've been looking for a new storage container to keep Orijen fresh and wanted to know what everyone's favorites were. There are several out there to choose from and I don't want to waste money on one that doesn't keep dry food fresh for very long. Thanks!
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I keep my dry food in a top locking container from Ikea (like the spice jars you sometimes find). It holds alot more than I thought it would and since it is a pretty tall clear glass thing, e don't hide it but leave it on the counter.
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A tallish rectangular dry bulk container from Rubbermaid or Tupperware holds 2~3 days food for our three grown cats.

The size we use will hold a 5 pound sack of sugar and has a 2" lid on top of the main lid.
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I have 2 containers from walmart, one looks like an oversized cereal storage container. The other is tall, square and has a lid. Our big one (for the 20# bags) is an Iris pet food container on wheels, similar to this one. I have small aluminum containers for their treats like these.
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I have 2 really big latch lid jars like the largest one in the back of the picture in this link, an 8lb bag will fill the 2 jars:

I LOOOVE these jars and boy do they seal tight, I love these jars & I leave mine out too
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Sorry, mine are from RC themselves! But I think the rubbermaid or tupperware containers are just fine
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I use a rubbermaid container for the dry food I give my girls. Seems to work alright.
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I second the Wal-Mart blue lid containers - Two containers hold a 20lb bag of food and a quick rinse before use removes any plastic smell that could turn kitty off of his food.

Just my 2 cents.

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Thanks everyone! I was asking about this b/c when my cat stopped eating for a few days I was concerned it was because I hadn't moved the dry food into an air tight container. I want it to stay as fresh as possible. Fortunately she has started eating it again but I'm definitely going to check each of these out. The container I have is convenient but not air tight so I'd like to get something else.
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