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Sunflowers again

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So After this mornings events, I went out to eat a banana in relative peace and I took the camera with me. The tall sunflower is about 11ft tall.

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I love sunflowers. Those are cool looking. Are those the american giant ones? I planted some seeds of those but they never came up I don't know what I did wrong.
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great pic my friend....
It make remember this old Video....
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Wow! Gorgeous!
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Very pretty!
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Very pretty pictures!! I love sunflowers!
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OMG... I love Sunflowers!! My favorite flower!
My daughter called yesterday and asked my fave flower. She wants to do a tattoo of her family members fave flowers. What a wonderful girl!!!
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Pretty! I love sunflowers. Completely random - I live in the sunflower state.
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Those are pretty! My grandma grows them every summer, they are HUGE!!!!! I am growing some.... but they look PATHETIC! I water & fertilize them... I gave some of the same seeds to my grandma and hers look pitiful too. They were Mammoth & Grey Stripe. On the other hand, the rest of my garden is doing wonderful! (First year gardening) I LOVE SUMMER!

edit-mine are about chest high, if even, and no thicker than a pencil, and they look like they are about to bloom, I already see yellow petals! I am almost at the point of digging them up, since I have to drag the hose all the way to the front yard just to water 'charlie brown' sunflowers, lol, but out of sheer curiosity I think they will stay.
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These were grown from seeds that I ordered from the Burpee catalog. They are living up to their name of "Giant Sunflowers". Mine are taller than everybody else's around here so far probably because I started them inside in late March.
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Mine are growing, but they are only 3 feet tall. WOW
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