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What a morning.....(long)

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Ok, so I got up after Hubby left for work and I put on a nice shirt because later on this morning, I was SUPPOSED to accompany my hubbys parents to the hospital where my FIL was going to have eye surgery. So anyhow, going up and down the stairs is such a pain when on crutches, I put on my nice shirt with my pj pants (my jeans were already downstairs) and went downstairs. I emerged from the bathroom, to see Darcy scratching around at a fresh pile of liquidy, bloody, stinky poo in an attempt to bury it in the off-white living room carpet (AAARRRGGGHHH). Naturally I figure that it belongs to Darcy since she is trying to bury it. So, I call hubby and update him, then I proceed to hop around on one foot gathering up supplies (can't carry things with crutches) to clean up the mess and save the poo for the vet. Marcie acted so interested in my cleaning efforts, that I decided to inspect kitty bottoms to see who really was responsible for the mess. Turns out Marcie was responsible, NOT Darcy. (I don't blame her for trying to bury it - it was very stinky) I also find poo all over Marcie's back feet while I am inspecting her bottom - just great, she has been tracking it EVERYWHERE. Then I look down at my shirt and PJ pants and discover that she has also smeared it all over me.

Now, I have a cat to clean. I put an inch of water in the bathtub and let her walk around in it for a bit, then take her out and dry her feet off. I guess that I should clean all of the poo out of the tub. Now, with the tub cleaned and disinfected, I realize that I have enough for a load of laundry.

So as soon as the vet opens, I will have to make an appointment for this evening, because I can't drive. So it looks like I won't need a nice shirt anyways, because I can't go with my FIL because he wasn't going to be back until this evening anyway.

And I haven't even had breakfast yet!!!
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Awww, so sorry about your rough start to the Monday morning!! I hope the day gets better, that your cat is ok and that your FIL's surgery goes well! Praying for your day and your family ...

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god I know the feeling I got up this morning gathering up all the clothes to put into a laundry load and I noticed that it has a really strong gross smell to it...Pepe had taken a pee on the towels and they smell really bad! So I just put the laundry in the washer in hopes that the smell will come out (I put the soap right on the towels) and i'm just waiting until it's done to see if it helped I hope so because we don't have money to get the stuff that takes pee smell away
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Just look at those wonderful sunflowers.
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I hope your day got better! My Monday started off pretty cruddy too. Must just be a bad Monday.
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