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Daily Thread Monday July 7th!

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Good morning cat lovers

Hot hot hot today with sun sun sun and 30 degrees! Gotta love the beach weather when you're headed to work eh?

Trouty is being a cuddlebug extraordinaire..on my lap and purring away

Josh left last night, we had a great weekend. He came to my family gathering yesterday and he finally got to meet my good friend and her hubby in person..we had fun..dinner and some cards.

He *might* come down again this weekend, but I am not getting my hopes up...

Back to the grindstone this week.

Have a great day folks!
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Today I've been at my nans and I've been watching some home videos from when I was 5. Aww

Later it's off to the gym and then I'm out at a BBQ for my m8s 16th. Woop. LoL.

Have a good day peeps!
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Good morning!

Just sitting here at work, wishing I were still sleeping! It's hard to get back on the early-morning track when you've spent the last 4 mornings sleeping until 11am!

Got here pretty early today (6:43am), so hoping I will be outta here by or before 3pm today!

No other real plans for the day. Get off work and relax and read some, then head to bed early tonight Have a great Monday, all!
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Waking up to overcast and very humid conditions this morning. T storms later this morning, afternoon and tonite with more heavy rain predicted. Got a quarter inch from a brief shower last nite when I went to bed. Saves me from watering!!

Did lots of yard work yesterday-good thing since when its humid I don't feel like doing much outside....but do have to stop at one clients for sure probably too wet for the project I started last week.

Before that though I snagged another cat carrier on freecycle so I have to get that picked up by 8 am.

Bobs snoozing on bed, Baks grooming himself and the other two outside.

Have a good monday!!
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Gonna be another typical July day here in TX.

Today is shelter day, so I'd better get with the program.
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Morning All!!

Hot Hot Hot today.

Heading off to work in a bit. Nothing special planned for afterwards just home. I have a few errands I could run but prefer not being out and about when it this hot.

The kitties are good this morning, Pixie and Sassy are lounging in the window and Linus is on Moth Patrol...He's positive that one got in the house this morning when I opened the door....now he's on high alert...
Silly kitty.

Everyone have a great day
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Its hot today. Too bad I have to go to work. I have to work 3-9:30 and its seniors day today so it will be busy until about 5 or 6.

I'm tired today because the kitties decided to sit in the window this morning and make noises at all the birds and they kept waking me up.
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Afternoon Everyone

Today has been pretty nice around here- it's so nice right now outside!

This morning I went to the gym with dh and did an hour of cardio then came back home and got a shower. After that Colin went to work,so i'm just here by myself tonight hanging around the house a bit. I'm FINALLY catching up on the CMT's i recorded- so i'm watching that right now Not much else going on here today!
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