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My small farm animals!

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Here's my new additions to my farm!

This is Shadow, my female Blue Rex (velvet) rabbit, she's pregnant but not very far along

This is Huggy, he is Shadow's man, he's a Castor Rex rabbit.

Here's 3 of my younger rabbits, the gray one in the back is female named Twizzler, the one of the left is a female named Snickers, and the one of the right is a female named Buttercup.

Bottom left is a male named Skittles, top left is Snickers, top right is Twizzler, and bottom right is Buttercup.

This is a young female Cinnamon Rex named Spice.

Skittles & Spice.

Skittles taking a peek

Their cage, we have a wooden hutch being made for the back of it, the old one had started rotting

Rhode Island Red Chicks

A black Bantam chick

A pair of Guineas in their training cage (have to stay in there a week so they won't run off when we let them lose)
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What cuties The little baby bunnies are adorable!
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Awww how cute!!!

Guineas! My granny has a small flock of them that run around loose. I can't believe they stick around so well! When I go out riding I see them pretty far from the barn, but they always end up in the barn at night!
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Yeah Guineas are pretty good at staying around, they just have to stay caged up near their roost for at least 7 days before you turn them lose, or they disappear

I can't wait for my bunny Shadow to have her babies.
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How nice it must be to live on a farm!
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Actually I live in a Country city permanantly, and they're at our farm about 30 minutes away, it's nice to go out there and stay a couple days or just play with the animals.
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Your animals are all adorable! I do have a question about the bunnies' hutches though... Noticed from the pix that the bunnies are walking on wire mesh or something like that... Would that hurt their little paws?
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All rabbit hutches have wire mesh bottoms. If not, they would be walking in their own filth. So no, it doesn't hurt them.
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The bunnies are so cute.
I used to know a rex bunny breeder...she moved away though.
My sister has one of her rex bunnies tho!
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Awwww, what a lovely furry family!
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Thanks! Yeah I love my rex bunnies, I've got papers on both of my breeding parents so I can sell the babies.
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Awwwww...cute bun buns!!!

I've raised a few different breeds of bunnies...I think Satins were my favorites...although French Lops are awful cute too!!! Lol!!!
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Yeah, Lops are adorable!
I just confirmed Shadows pregnancy today (I can tell at 2-3 weeks gestation) So she should have them early August!
And I did her and her "husbands" papers so they now have their official names. Shadow is Anck Su Namun, and Huggy is Imhotep. For the fans of The Mummy movies, thats the "lovers" I'm an Archeological major, what can I say?
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