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I just broke off about half of a molar -- and accidentally swallowed it.

And from the slight irritation I'm feeling at the site of my gastric band (you may recall I had that surgery), I think the tooth might be stuck there.

So that's Issue One: a sharp, non-digestible object in my digestive tract. Great! All I can do is hope it moves on of its own accord... and doesn't cause any trouble along the way.

Issue Two: I can't afford to go to a dentist! But obviously, I have to. It's going to require a crown, I'm sure. I'll call in the morning and see if I can get it fixed by students at a dental school at a big discount. Otherwise, we'll have to take out a loan to handle it.

I guess I just wanted to gripe a little. Thanks for listening.
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Oh No Carol Vibes it all turns out okay.
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Lots of vibes that the tooth passes on it's own!

So far as your tooth needing a crown, that may not be the case. I broke a molar about 6 weeks ago and thought I would need a crown. But the dentist said it was a clean break and that a filling would be enough. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the same for your situation too!
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Wow, vibes for you! Doesn't sound like much fun. Hope you feel better!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Lots of vibes that the tooth passes on it's own!

So far as your tooth needing a crown, that may not be the case. I broke a molar about 6 weeks ago and thought I would need a crown. But the dentist said it was a clean break and that a filling would be enough. I'll keep my fingers crossed that this is the same for your situation too!
i broke a filled tooth once [& DIDN'T swallow the pieces, so i know it was tooth pieces, not filling pieces, ] & was sure i'd have to have a crown.
turned out a filling repair/addition was all that was needed - $120! ['course, i got dental insurance last year - because i was CERTAIN i'd need a crown!]
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Sending you cheap fix & pass through smoothly .

I have a slightly damaged front tooth that I refuse to get fixed....it'll cost me $2,000!!
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Carol, it seems like when it rains, it pours for you. So, you need to move to CA where we have a drought and lots of fires. You bring the rain, put out the fires, water those petunias, and I guarantee that there are a few dentists here who are golf lovers who would gladly fix anything wrong in your mouth. For free.
Laughter is a vibe in itself.
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Oh Carol! I really HATE tooth problems. I had to have one pulled - and then couldn't afford to have the post put in. We waited a year - and my gums grew back up a little bit around the other teeth, so they had to be "shaved" - and now it just causes endless problems. I should have just never had the post put in. I believe it's called 20-20 hindsight.

I really hope you're not in any pain, and this all gets resolved without too much hurt - to you physically or to your pocketbook!

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I have broken teeth also that i can not get fixed because no insurance. One the filling came out and about a year ago. There is less then half the tooth left now. I broke like 4 already because my Meds wrecked my teeth. i hope yours can digest and you wont need a Dr.
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Eek! That doesn't sound too fun. Hope you can work things out okay.

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Ouch! Thats terrible..two bodily problems all because of one stinkin tooth!

I hope it all works out cheap and cheerful
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EEEP, that no problems come out of this.
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I hope all turns out well!
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eeekkk everything is a quick cheap fix for you! that really sucks
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Thanks, guys... after doing some research, I've become convinced that the tooth probably can't be saved. Which is good, in a way -- it's a lot cheaper to pull it than to fix it. And maybe someday I'll be able to afford to have an implant to replace it.

The college of dentistry only takes new-patient applications on Wednesdays, so that's my mission for tomorrow. Sure hope they accept me!
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Wishing you the best, Honey. I've got 5 that need to come out and dentures to be made *sigh* So, I'm right there with ya!!
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Just sending I am sorry this happened, best wishes for tomorrow.
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Oh no! that you get in at the dental school and that you get the best in the class to work on you
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Thank you all for your good wishes! I just spent almost two hours in constant redial mode, trying to get through during the 90-minute window during which they accept application calls. I did get it to ring once, and I held on for dear life for two or three minutes -- but then blasted T-Mobile disconnected me!

So I've gone to Plan B: the dentist who took care of my father is working me in tomorrow morning, and if pulling is what it needs, it shall be done. Extraction costs only about a tenth the price of a crown, and we can handle that in three payments.

I sure hope the price they quoted included plenty of nitrous oxide!
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Oh wow, Carol, I've just found this post! I sincerely hope that you'll be able to get everything taken care of reasonably.

I have just the worst time with my teeth...bad genes, my mother has soft teeth, just like mine. I had a root canal, with a crown done, maybe 6 years ago, that never, ever quit hurting. The endodontist blew me off for months, until I finally decided that I was going to have to live with the pain. Two years ago, I finally saw an oral surgeon about it, and had an apicoectomy done (IV sedation) where they go into the jaw and drill off the root of the tooth, and pack the hole with a bone graft. For the first time in years, I was pain free....it was amazing!!! Then, a year later, I got an abcess in the bone graft and ended up having the tooth pulled. I don't even want to think about how much stinkin' money I poured into trying to save that darn tooth, only to lose it in the end anyway.

If you're anything like me, just go for the extraction, and save yourself literally thousands of dollars (and I have decent dental insurance, too!) and a lot of time and discomfort.

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of you, and praying that everything goes well for you.
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Aw, gosh, what an ordeal you went through! I've been relatively lucky in the past -- a few crowns, wisdom teeth out, nothing really serious. And I know extraction is all I can afford to do, even if it turns out there is an option.

But y'know... the prospect of just giving up instead of fixing this tooth... it makes me feel like what I'm really doing here is accepting that I'm old now, the process of deterioration has begun, and now things are going to just keep falling apart faster and faster...

It's silly, I guess, that losing a tooth should make me feel like death is imminent... but it sure seems to be having that effect.
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1 - so which tooth is it - a totally back, back tooth? I wouldn't think it would make much difference to your bite or your chewing your food if it was...

2 - I've done that - swallowed part of a tooth at night...did it go through your digestive system? Mine did, although you've got a lot more complications...

3 - I know it feels like giving up - I remember my parents having problems with their teeth, and thinking that they were just OLD lol...and then remember the movie Peggy Sue Got Married? The big thing her grandpa said in retrospect is that "he would have taken better care of his teeth."

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No, it's the first molar (as opposed to the bicuspid) on the upper right side. But the way my face is made, it doesn't show when I smile, and y'know what? I didn't even know it until she mentioned it last night, but my mom has the very same tooth missing! Had it pulled when she was about 20, back before dentists had so many other options.

And the bite issue doesn't worry me... the less efficient I am at eating, the better!

So I'm not quite so gloomy this morning. But I did remember that I have Mitral Valve Prolapse and have to take antibiotics before dental procedures -- so I'm going over there early to do that.

But apparently, I'm in no hurry, because here I am using TCS as a delay tactic. Did I mention how fond I am of nitrous oxide?
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
for you my friend,....
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Wow. That was a lot worse than I expected! I had a babytooth pulled when I was a kid, and I remember that as being not so bad... but this was downright violent!

I'm sure part of the difference is that, back then, the dentist told me when he put the topical anesthetic on my gums, "This is going to soften everything up so the tooth will just slide right out," and I believed him. Now I know better, but... I wish I didn't!

It really wasn't painful, so much -- but I have such a terrible anxiety problem to begin with, and this triggered an all-out panic attack, hyperventilation, the works. I was ice-cold and shaking all over for an hour afterward. What a wimp I am.

And now it won't stop bleeding, and that's my own stupid fault -- I forgot and took my daily 81mg aspirin last night, which of course interfered with clotting.

But at least it's out. The dentist said he probably could have saved it with a root canal and a crown, but of course that's out of the financial question. Just $105 is all he charged, which surprises me, because my old dentist years ago used to charge $50 just to hook up the nitrous oxygen! So I think he went easy on me.

Afterward, the nurse started talking about what a sweet man my father was, because they had him as a patient, too -- and in my already-hyperanxious state, that completely broke me down, so I just sat there for awhile crying and bleeding, bleeding and crying...

Anyway, thank you all for your moral support. You're nice people.
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Oh honey ... what an ordeal! I am glad it is over for you now though.

Bless your heart, I remember when the back molar on my right lower broke into what seemed to be a thousand pieces ... it hurt so bad that I didn't mind having it extracted, even though I wasn't properly numbed and I did feel it. I didn't care. It hurt, but I knew the pain was temporary and so that's what I focused on. It did help, or so I convinced myself anyway ... *grin*

I hope you are feeling a little better now that this is all taken care of ... again, what an ordeal!
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Oh Carol! How did I miss this? I'm so sorry you had this ordeal and I'm glad you are on the healing side of it! I wouldn't worry about the part of the tooth you swallowed... most people don't chew their food that well and swallow chunks bigger than that with no problems.

Your baby tooth didn't hurt when it was pulled because the root is dissolving as the adult tooth comes in. Adult teeth, though, have long roots.

How are you doing today?
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Aw, thanks for your concern, you guys -- I'm such a big baby! I'm okay now, although it still doesn't seem to have closed up entirely... but y'know what? I think they must use some kind of device that fits around your head when they do this, something that gives them leverage, because I'm all bruised and sore around the back of my head on that side, and I remember feeling something hard there during the extraction. I guess they conceal these details from us so we won't be any more scared than we already are.

SW, I'm sure you're right -- that makes perfect sense! But I guess I'm glad I didn't think of it beforehand... I might've been too scared to go in. I've always considered that I have a high pain threshold, because I give blood all the time, and I've removed my own stitches a couple of times, that kind of thing... but maybe the truth is that I'm actually a total wimp, and I just talk myself into doing these things anyway!

I sure hope this thread doesn't scare anybody out of having dental work done. Just bear in mind, I really didn't have that much pain -- it was dumb fear that made it so hard.
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Oh honey, you're not a wimp! There a big difference between giving blood and having someone messing around in your mouth. I mean..it's your MOUTH! I feel more violated going to the dentist than I do going to the gynocologist!

I've had 6 teeth pulled so far (5 at one time..all molars) so if I had to have many more pulled I'm going to have to get partials, and I'm only 38. So, it has nothing to do with age. It's more the kind of teeth you are born with, and unfortunately mine are week and crowded. Heck, when my dad joined the navy when he was 18 they took one look at his teeth (crowded too) and pulled all over them and gave him dentures.

At least it's over now.
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Awww, Bless your heart I think that's so nice they mentioned how much they liked your Dad
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