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Maybe a kitten?

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Socks and Sass haven't been getting along lately. Socks is still very young, and wants to play all the time. Whenever he approaches her she hisses and runs away from him. Sometimes she'll walk up to him and bat at his face for no particular reason that I'm aware of.

A couple weeks ago, Brian, our roommate and Sass's owner, took her back to his mother's house. I think that is where she is most comfortable since it's the place that she has lived most of her 5 years. We don't know whether or not he is going to keep her there permanently or just for a month or two....

I've been wanting to get a kitten, so that we can raise a cat of our own to keep, and I thought that one might make a better mate for Socks since he's in play mode 90% of the time. The only thing is that I don't know whether or not Sass is coming back... and if she is then should we still get a kitten? If Socks had someone else to play with would he leave Sass be? Would yet another cat stress her out more?

I'm not really sure how Socks would react to a new kitten either, but I hope that they would play and get along. He needs a companion that he can play with... he's been so bored lately and terrorizing us with it. We've gotten toys and we play with him a few times every day, but it's still not enough.
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i'd get, one, & here's why: when i found Cable, i had a pair, littermates who were 7 years old. neither was too happy w/a little 2 month old bugging them all of the time.
but 3 months later, one of them died. at that time, the surviving adult became more friendly towards the kitten... altho she still didn't like that 'kitten energy'. then, 3 months later, i found another kitten [about 3 months old, 6 months younger than Cable]. perfect solution - Cable now had a kitten to play with, & an adult to snuggle with.
FYI - Pixel is the adult in the story, & Java is the 2nd kitten. i've since added 2 more - Chip & Firefox.

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I would get one. I got my Oreo right before Stormy got very sick and had to be Pts. Meeko became very sad and upset because she was very close with Stormy. She is close with Coco also but Coco stays out here because she has special food. Meeko was not close with Sasha then. Now they sleep together and they are good friends with Oreo. It worked out great everytime I got another Cat. Coco is 16 and accepts them the first day. Meeko growled at Sasha when we got her. Meeko never growled at Oreo and was fine with her the first day. Meeko used to hate Coco until she went in labor then they became great things. She hated Stoirmy and became good friends with her. I will be getting another Kitten in Nov. I hope it all goes well with you. Coco is 16, Meeko 8, Sasha will be 2 in Aug and Oreo 1 in Aug.
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Is there anyway to stop his destructive behavior until we get a kitten? Or if we don't... I still don't know yet.

But when he gets bored, he gets destructive. A section of our carpet has been torn out because he will shred it with his claws, and he's also gone through a few rolls of toilet paper. The blinds and curtains in our front window have also suffered. I know that we've already lost any chance of getting the deposit back if we move, but I was hoping that there might be a way to prevent him from causing even more damage.

Like I said before, we have toys for him, and we play with him several times a day, for about 20 minutes max; he loses interest after that. And despite all that he'll mess with any item he can find and usually ends up destroying something. I've had a hard time trying to keep him from playing with the cables that we have to run through our living room for the tv and internet.

He also goes back behind our computers and gets tangled in those cords and pulls stuff out sometimes.... I don't know how to keep him from doing such things. I don't want him to get hurt or damage any of those items. I can't afford to replace anything.

EDIT: He'll also attack hands and feet, or legs, arms, elbows... anything that's near him and moving. I don't know how to break him of that, either. We only use his toys when we play with him.
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