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Lucia is giving birth right now!!!!

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I can barely contain my excitement! So far she has had 5! It is obvious who the father of some of them are. Giorgio the neighborhood rogue but some of the others look different. She is doing an amazing job! They are all plump and squeaking already. She is a little tired and her belly is still big so who knows. I will continue with updates and of course pictures. I know pictures are must!
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oooooh, how exciting!

eagerly awaiting promised !
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Congrats, I can't wait to see the pics
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OOOOOOOOH! How exciting? How many days pregnant was she? How many?! And PICS!!!!!! I am anxiously still waiting on Murphy.... so I'm hoping maybe today is KITTEN DAY! Congratulations and I am glad the 5 so far seem healthy and are little mewers. =o) Update with birth story when ya have a few minutes!
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AW, congrats on the new arrivals! I am so thrilled with my babies, so I know that you will be as well They are little miracles.
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YAY kitties....congrats and cant wait to see the pictures!!
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OK. She had 8 kittens. All healthy and all thriving. She is really exhausted. Poor dear is resting and feeding her babies. What a huge litter. No wonder she was so fat. I have interest in one kitten but I am already wondering how in the world I will be able to adopt 8 kittens! I hope she is done and I don't go up there to find 2 more. I am giving her a little space since the entire neighborhood came over to look.
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OMG! 8!! Seems to be a trend on here! I can't wait to see pictures of the little babies! =o)
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A few days before giving birth:

After giving birth:

This kitten has not stopped nursing since birth.
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Ohhh! They are soooo beautiful! And poor mommy? Eight little mouths and bottoms!!! Argh!!!
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I think 8 defiantly is a new thing
Gah they're all so cute!!!!
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Woohoo! I am not alone with 8 newbies You will love them to death I'm sure, I know my 8 have stolen my heart. It must be something they put in the catfood these days to make these large litters! Is this your cat's first litter? It was for Lily. I can see your momma was huge like Lily as well. When I felt her tummy after 7, there was another kitten in there I could definitely feel with all the room left from the exit of the 7....

Your kittens look so adorable!!!! Congrats!
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CONGRATULATIONS, LUCIA!!! Sending plenty of prayers and vibes that all stay healthy & Lucia doesnt get exhausted
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Thank you. I feel so proud of her. She called out to me to let me know what was happening. I was in the middle of a phone call so I had my friend peek in her and he said She is having the kittens! I went into the room and 3 were already born. When she had the 4th one I was sure that was it. But no. She kept going.
Afterward I was a little worried because she fell asleep and her breathing was like a purr/snore. The kittens were all jostling for a nipple. I helped the runt find one. She took a nap while they nursed.
I just checked on her and she is more alert and has changed position to give all of them a chance to nurse. I am going to take her a snack and some water in a bit.
She did everything by the book. She bit the cords, ate the placentas and cleaned her babies up.
Her stomach is still large but it is mostly soft. I did feel a lump but her ribcage seems widened. She has no temp. During the birth I talked softly to her and rubbed her head. She kept looking at me and making her signature maaaaaahhh sound. But it was soft. I haven't weighed the babies yet because she was so tired and I wanted to leave them alone. I am going to do that next.
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Sounds just like Lily. She had 4 babies before we got up in the morning, then had 4 more in a quick fashion. She didn't seem all interested in the last 4 placentas, so I cut the cords for her and did away with the placentas.

When I finally did their first weigh-in, the runt was 3 oz, and the largest was 4.2 oz. They are doing great.

I hope to see updated pics and weights to see if yours are close to mine. Because we both have 8 babies, I want to see if we're ok over here. They look all fat and healthy, so I'm not too worried. Most of the cords have fallen off and most of them have their eyes open. I think I'm only waiting on 2 to have their eyes open up.
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Yeah. What is with 8? That is an unusual amount of kittens. This is her second litter that we know of. She is 2 and I just took her in so she could have had another??
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Well, I would say even if this was her second or third litter, 8 is alot. I have only ever seen 7 in a litter, and I've had cats my entire life. I'm sure there would be some people on here that would be disgusted with my parents and how they never fixed their animals. I mean, 35 years ago, it wasn't as bad as it is now with the cat populations, but even still.

For me, I will ensure the kittens go to good homes, as I will be very choosy who they go to. My lawyer wants 2 siamese kittens, and I have others as well but don't know what they want yet.

Lily will be getting fixed as soon as it is safe to do so. I am however, going to be breeding my Devons, but Bonnie doesn't seem to go in heat often LOL thank goodness. She will be a year old in a couple weeks.

Please update with the weights of the kittens and more pics! I am trying so hard to not post every picture I have taken of mine LOL
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New pics coming soon. My two boys Seldon and Cleo were from a litter of 7 but the mother died in childbirth. 8 is a big litter.
I don't think bad things about your parents. People did that back then. Even in the 70s and 80s when I was a child people's cats had kittens. A lot of people used to let their cats have one litter. It is amazing.

She has eaten so much food it is astounding. She has eaten 3 times her normal amount.
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Wow 8 that is a bundle. I just had a litter too on the 1st, only 5...don't think Momma could have handled any more then that, she is a small girl to begin with.

Enjoy, I know I have been with mine and Lucia did a wonderful job and had a very adorable litter!
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Congratulations! They are adorable!
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OH! They are all ADORABLE! I look forward to seeing more pictures as they get bigger. What a great job she did
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All snuggled together while Mommy eats.
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A pile of cuteness!
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Originally Posted by CC12 View Post

All snuggled together while Mommy eats.

Awwwwwwwwwww!!!! Soooooo cute!!! =o)
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Oh how sweet. Are they in the house now?
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Wow they are soooo cute! I'm in love!
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Originally Posted by lilyluvscats View Post
Oh how sweet. Are they in the house now?
Oh yes. Lucia is our girl now. I am keeping her. They have their own room. My bathroom has hardwood floors so it is not too cold. I have an oversized dog bed I found on sale and use for them. One them tries to get adventurous and scoot over the side but she always picks him or her up and puts him back with his mates.
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Some updates:
Babies are doing well on day 4. It looks as though a few of them are trying to open their eyes.

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The cuteness... It kills me!
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