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moving with two cats

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I'm hoping you guys can offer some advice. We are moving from Maryland to Florida.. we'll be driving the full 16 hours straight - no stopping overnight. We have a large carrier that is meant for dogs. We originally got if for our cat Keeba, but now that we have two cats we are thinking they might be able to share it during the trip.

This is the carrier.. we have the large size: http://www.petsmart.com/product/inde...amily&keepsr=1

We are going to get a disposable kitty litter to put in it and just replace it as they use it.

I have heard people say that they won't go to the bathroom due to stress, but I have had the new kitten Riley go in a carrier before after leaving the vets so I would prefer that we keep a kitty litter in there.

Anyways, my question is should we feed them before we leave or is that risking them getting car sick? Should we offer food while we are driving? Any advice to help them have the most comfortable experience is greatly appreciated it.

Thank you in advance!
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I moved from NC to Kansas City and back to GA with my cats. They howl for awhile, then the do what cats do normally, sleep. I have carriers for each of one and make sure they have plenty of air circulating, but NO open windows just a little for air flow. I have had a cat escape his carrier and start making laps around my neck in rush hour traffic going through Nashville.
I don't like medicating them either, I may try a little Rescue Remedy, but no sedatives. The only time I had ever medicated a cat for a move, he went bonkers and escaped his carrier.
The music in the car seemed to soothe them.
If you do happen to have to stop for the night, make sure you have everything you need for the night. Their food, litterbox, water already down, and drinks, food and anything you may need for yourself. You do not want to open a hotel room door and have a cat escape. I know from experience that crawling around under a semi truck at 4 a.m. trying catch an escaped cat is no fun.
I wish you and yours a safe trip and easy move.
I will be moving from Eastern NC to Austin, TX in a few months, and will have to stop for 1 night. I have moved around a good bit, but have never moved with 4 cats.
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We definitely aren't going to stop over night. I won't medicate either. I thought about the tuna flake treats that relax your cat but I think on it it says don't overdose and call a vet if they show symptoms of a reaction. I'm not risking that.. hopefully they just tucker out and fall asleep.

Should we feed them beforehand? Offer food during the trip? I want to avoid them getting car sick but I don't want to starve them either.
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Why are you leaving Maryland?
I may move with 2 cats and 2 dogs.
Interested in this thread.
Good luck.
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Originally Posted by Judi View Post
Interested in this thread.

Me too, I wish more people would respond.

I'm moving from Maryland because I was just here so my fiance could finish college.

Thanks and good luck to you as well if you plan on moving with your pets.
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How do your cats do in the car? I have two - one is a great traveler, one is so-so. My daughter's cat pukes after 30 minutes in the car - we pull her food 6 hours before she leaves for home (4 hours). You've got a long drive and I would hate for them to be without food for that long.

Even though gas is very expensive, I would test drive with them for an hour or two. See how they do with food in their stomach before your go.
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When our stuff is going on the truck, I put all of them in one room with their food, carriers and litterbox. I remove the food about an hour before we have to put them in their carriers. We are going to put them on 2 hard shell guitar cases to raise the carriers enough to get them plenty of fresh air from the barely open windows. We will place a cargo net or bungee cord across the front of the carriers to secure them. When we reach our destination, depending on how hot it is, I either leave them in the car until the truck is unloaded, or take them inside to a room that no one has to go in, and put all their food, water, litterbox down and let them explore one room until the doors are all closed, then I let them out.
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I move alot from Maryland to New york and vise versa. I go to school in new york and live in maryland.
My cats are awesome travelers, the max in a car was 10 hours. My babies, sleep on my lap ( i know this is dangerous), but i have a huge pillow on my lap, and both of them sleep for hours. The only time they get up is when they need to go to the bathroom, and nothing esle.
i have toy munchkins, 2 of them, and they are rather small, so thats why they both can fit on the pillow.
oh, before i continue, this is when my boyfriend is driving, and i am in the back seat.

when i do drive with my cats, they are both in carriages, and i stop every four hours, so they spread their feet, drink some water, poop, and munch on some treats ( never again with wet food, vomit EVERYWHERE). then back into the carriage, and they sleep again.
i think i was blessed to have two cats that dont mind traveling . =D
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