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saved little kitties from fire.

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We had a dumped cat at work that had a litter last week. They were discovered in the middle of a bon fire of trash that was about 15 feet tall.

One man suffered 2nd degree burns on his arms saving them. Two of them were so hot they had to use big shovels to get them out of harms way. They brought them inside to me one by one and myself and my boss took them to the vet. We took one and by the time we got back three more were in a box by my desk with women attending to them and wetting them down to cool them off.. One has singed hair all over his little back. Most of their whiskers were burned off. We had to wrap them in wet paper to cool them down their little bodies were so hot. Their little noses were black scooting around trying to get away from the heat but they couldn't see yet what to do and they could not even walk yet. They were so tiny.

If they had been in the fire one more minute, they would have died.

The mother, when I caught her, was sitting by the burn pile crying for her babies. The woman caring for them told me the mom was starving.

All survived and we made the local paper......

These big grown men at work were flipping out over these tiny kittens mewing and we are so proud of them. They were about 5-6 days old.

We caught the mom several hrs later and the lady fostering the kittens is taking care of the mom cat as well so they are all together.. The organization that is caring for the babies is going to fix our office token feral if we can catch him for the kindness the men shown to these little babies.


These kittens have waiting homes as soon as they are weaned. One of the men who rescued them, another woman at work, an engineer at work and one other..... Very very happy ending. They are all doing great!

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Oh, wow!!!!

You guys are heros and s
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That is so wonderful!!! Hooray for happy endings!
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wow those poor things. I'm so glad they were rescued in time.
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Poor little babies. The mother must have been frantic. I love happy endings.
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what a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it~~~~~~~~~~~~~I just
hate that man got burned! He is a man after my own heart! Tell him I said
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love happy endings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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