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Stealth cat

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look at that sweet face
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
look at that sweet face
on a totally different topic - have you been to the doctor yet?
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I see a cute kitty in the laundry basket.
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That's TOO cute
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So cute!
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Absolutely precious!
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Thanks everyone. i'm pretty sold on her being sweet too

man, when I wash clothes and get them out of the dryer (i don't use a cooldown and I take them out RIGHT when they're done so they're really warm) she will come sprinting from anywhere here when she hears me put the basket down. lol then she literally dives in and roots her way to the bottom.

it's really cute to watch, but very frustrating when in a hurry. Then of course it's playtime and every time I take something out she claws it and thinks I'm playing.

Does wonders for pulling strings out of the towels!~
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She's adorable!
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