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I'm from Ontario

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Greetings I am from Brantford Ont, I work part time as a cab driver. I have had cats or some sort of pet ever since I can remember. My first cat who was my first was a long haired refugee from the winter who was aptly named Bones. He was a beautiful cat and as friendly as my current cat Oreo. I didn't have him more than a couple of months when he was hit by a truck, and I distinctly remember coming home from school and I found him under the kitchen window outside just shaking and shuddering, somehow he found the strength to drag himself home. He suffered some pretty severe injuries, broken leg, his eye had popped out beyond repair. Anyway, he was rushed to the vet, and the vet mentioned the " e" word to my dad, and he looked at me and said nope, let's fix him up. He got hit again 6 months later broke the same leg. So I named him Bones. Later he lost his tail to disease.

He was my buddy my pal, I don't think he ever grew up, he was nuts doing stuff like a kitten does. He died Sept 1 1994 and I still think about him and get a little emotional when I look at his picture.

Anyway I've been a cat owner for the last 28 years or so, so I have a wealth of experience but even I don't pretend to know everything.
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Hi Cabbie, and welcome! Hope you enjoy our forums. It's good to have another experienced cat owner on board.
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That was such a sad tale Luckily I've never lost one of my furry buds. Well one, , but I like to think when see ventured away it was to some mysticail, magicial forrest (she did wonder off into the woods) that was only for kittys, , and there she would have all the catnip and mouseys she could handle I hope you enjoy surfing around all the forums. and again WELCOME Dali:blossom:
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Hi Cabbie, welcome to the board.

I'm sorry to hear about Bones... that's so sad. We'd love to see pictures of him and Oreo though. Glad to have you with us.
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Ask and ye shall recieve, the cat with one eyeball is Bones, the other one is Oreo

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Welcome to the site! Oh, what beautiful kitties. I'm glad you found us here.
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Welcome to the site Cabbie!! Do you think spring will ever make it to Ontario???

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hello and welcome!

sad to hear about bones! your pictures are great -- beautiful cats!!
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What beauties you have there!!! Glad you joined us!!!
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Sorry to hear about Bones. He was a beautiful cat. Welcome to the site. I'm pretty new, but I've found it's not too hard to jump into the conversations.
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Hello Cabbie!

Welcome. Sorry to hear about Bones, but I'm glad he had such a good home. Even though I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I visit Ontario every year. My friend and I love to go to Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Max's Mommy
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Oh boy, I just saw your post, and its such a sad story. I always get emotional hearing stories lika that... You're so wonderful for taking care of Bones like that. I hope his death on 1994 was of old age...

Anyways, welcome, and I am sure you will love it here! there are some truely great folks here, you'll see!!!

And the picture are lovely! I loved the name Oreo (sure fits the cat!)
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I had to put Bones down at the age of 11 yrs. He developed CRF, he was in pretty bad shape near the end. I had him from 1983-1994
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Welcome,you will love it here!!
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Hello Cabbie and Welcome!!!!!

Nice to see you here, lovely pics of your cats.

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Hi Cabbie

I've been to Ontario and absolutely loved it Toronto, Niagra, etc, etc. Can't wait to go back!!!
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welcome to the board!!
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