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this does NOT look right!

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I had Zelda spayed last Tuesday ( July 2nd ) and today this is what her spay site looks look. It appears I may be calling them and tossing a fit because that does not look right. Take a look below.

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I agree that it doesn't look right. Has she been very active while it has been healing? It would be best to get her to the vet tomorrow.

Good luck!
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I emailed the vet. For some reason my phone service ( alltel ) is not working! Makes me so mad.... times I wish I had a home phone!

She has been confined to a room away from kids and other pets. Food, Drink, and potty. When I do let her out to be social during the day ( supervised ) she is very active and wants to play with Kissa ( her baby ) but I split them up before it gets toss and turning fun.

She's eating, drinking, poo-ing, peeing, etc.
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Looks like its inffected.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
Looks like its inffected.
unfortunatley I agree

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Yes, it looks like it's starting to get infected.
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is it unusually warm to the touch? also, when you touch it lightly, does it seem to cause her pain?
the bump is normal - all of mine had that.
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has she been pulling at it? does she wear an ecollar?
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We got her in to see a Dr. today. He said she was having a very bad reaction tot he stitches they used. He also said there seems to be infection possibly so he started her on antibiotics. I have to give them orally every 12 hours for 10 days.

So, she should be getting better soon!
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aw poor baby, I'm glad they were able to figure out what was going on. healing vibes
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and now she has chewed at the spay site. So... I got her a thing for her neck to keep her from chewing it. Ughhh... I thought spaying was good? This has been nothing but TROUBLE!
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Even with the problems your kitty has had it is still preferable to dealing with a cat that is in heat. I love cats but they can be really obnoxious when in heat. They are also great escape artists and if they get out they come back pregnant. I am hoping your cat heals up and feels better real soon.
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to Zelda for quick healing.
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My SIL has a cat that had the spay site come completly open and they had to go back and do surgery again, it then got infected and she got put on meds and it cleared up after a little! It will get better! Spaying is the nicest thing you can do!
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All three of my girls had that after they got spayed. Luckily, theirs didn't get infected, but the bump scared the #### out of me. I even took them to a second vet for another opinion and was told that they have had many kittens get that reaction to the stitches and they had changed their stiching material a couple of times to no avail. I never had to do the e-collar and it never seemed to bother them. I think it bothered me more but on the bright side its been over a year and you can't even see the scar on any of them. Hope your kitty recovers quick.
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Last month when I had the girls spay the 3 of us, stayed in the bedroom together I would go out every so offten. I slept in the room with them for 5 nights. It was the best sleep I had in the 20 years DH & I have been married.

But your little one will get better. And all of this mess will soon be a spay story for you to tell. I am happy you had her fixed, she will be a happy camper soon!
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It'll get better, my moms cat had the same thing!
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aww the poor baby for a speedy recovery
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Thanks so much everyone!

Well, She has been on meds since Sat. Finally the "swelling" has gone down some, not all the way, but its not as hard as it was. Its not red like it was either. Even where she chewed has healed. She has another week till she is off the meds and by then she should be feeling pretty darn good!

She has been wearing that head cone gear thing. I think over all that has helped the most. Surprisingly it does not seem to irritate her at all. She eats, and drinks and potties. Hardly cries. She is being a trooper!

I will normally take it off for her to eat, just to be nice. I put it right back on tho. She loves to lick it and the vet says that is a huge NO.

I tried to let Kissa and her Zelda sit together but Kissa wants to lick her spay site as well. So, I really cant have them together. I feel bad. Least they can meow at each other by the door. LOL.
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I am glad your girl is feeling better! My girls were spayed 2 weeks ago and they are healing quite nicely. The vet told gave me a list of what to look for. A bump is normal and can take a couple of months to go down since the internal stitches take longer to dissolve.
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I am glad you caught it before it got worse. Once she is healed up she will be back to her old self. I would hate to have to wear an E collar. It must drive them mad.
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