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Sunday!! What's One Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Going to be a scorcher here today.

Heading off to work for awhile, hopefully I can get everything finished up by 3.

Nothing special planned for this evening, just snacking and TV.

The kitties are tearing around the house like banshees this morning.

Everyone have a good one
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I have to Layread at Church today, then we'll probably go out to lunch.
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bah when it's sunny and really warm here this weekend I gotta work all weekend go figure

Ah well at lest i'm done at 5 tonight
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Just woke up about 20 minutes ago, now I'm gonna make some "brunch". Then tonight we'll have shepherds pie before driving back to SC.

What a quick 3 day weekend!
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Nothing special except possibly a motorcycle ride if it does not rain this evening. DH has to work later, so I will work in the house. I am on a mission to pare down stuff I don't use as to have as little as possible to move. Even though it won't be until Spring, I am keeping myself from starting to start pack.
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Well is sunny and breezy so I have a couple loads of laundry hanging outside.
Did a quick roto-till of parts of the veg garden and some hand weeding too for about 2 1/2 hrs-but taking a break!!
Stomach is still feeling icky. I know I might have had one to many adult beverage Friday-but that been since about 5 pm Friday!! Stomach icky yesterday I can understand but I still get the chills off and on like I had Sun nite/Monday. Have some yogurt-I'll try that .
More yard work in a bit. Neil is painting some trim he made for the garage-well he is priming I'll paint once all installed.
Want to cook out tonite if possible -rain in forecast though.
Have a good day!!
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Good afternoon everyone!

I'm spending the afternoon at home by myself because my boyfriend is off to see his little boy. So I'm doing laundry and soon I'll go sit on my balcony with a cold lemonade to read. I just keep my fingers crossed that my neighbor will not decide to play his annoying music outside.

Tonight I'm back to see my boyfriend and some of his friends will come over to watch dumb, funny movies. I think I'll have to leave my brain at home for that one.

Overall, it's a beautiful, sunny, lazy day. No complaints here!
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I am just cleaning today. I didn't get much done yesterday because when my fiance went to do his brakes, it turned out he needed more parts than he thought and it ended up costing $200 and we had to go all over the place trying to find the parts.
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Just got groceries and now I need to clean the house. At 2, I'm gonna watch the Cubs clobber the Cardinals (hopefully) and then I'm sure I'll be out on the Ducati later....
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