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Playing catch

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I now that there are cats out there that play catch but until it is your cat you don't realize how cute it is. My 4 month old kitten loves to play catch. It started with her bringing her favorite ball to me and my boyfriend. So we would throw it and she would go get it and bring in back to us. Then just inthe past week or so she will bring it back and put it in our hand or on our lap, and bug us until we pick it up and throw it for her. She is just so cute.. Just wanted to share my cute story
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I wish Mango would play catch. He'll run after the toy I throw, but has no intentions of ever bringing it back to me.
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Much used to do that but now she's old and isn't as interested. Lucy will go over and sniff it. Carly will bat it under the nearest piece of furniture and then bug us to get it out again.

Your little one sounds adorable.
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Aw how cute!

My cat Pooch does the same thing, except with a pipe cleaner.
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